Thursday, May 1, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things...

Seeing as how I am excruciating bored I decided to do a little fun blogging. I have seen other people do this and decided it looked pretty fun. So here goes…

My favorite things in no particular order……… Angie Edition

1) Jeans…. I love jeans. I would totally wear them everyday. I love them even more thanks to the best store ever for big boned girls (Lane Bryant)! They are actually long enough, something that I have fought for most of my life. Here is me in my newest pair....LOL!

2) Capris….ok, I know some people think they are tacky…but when it’s hot and your thighs are not conducive to wearing the denim underwear substituting for shorts these days, you got to wear something. In case you didn’t know, I actually invented the crop pant…problem was I wore them way before they were cool.. some people called them high waters.. refer to #1

3) ¾ length shirts…ok I am really not that into clothes but thought it was a great place to start. These are awesome. Not too hot, not too cold and best of all…they do for arms what capri’s do for thighs…cover them up baby! ok not the best example but you get the point.

4) Slippers/ Flip flops. I am rarely found barefoot as my back and feet don’t particularly enjoy me being that way. In the winter I am often seen wearing my red memory foam slippers…fabulous. I have even left the house in them, accidentally, on several occasions. When it is too hot for slippers I switch to Old navy flip flops…perfection!

5) These two, of course!
6) My sissy

7) Phish food. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend you do. It is rather hard to find though. Imagine this if you will. Chocolate ice cream, marshmallow crème, caramel and to top it all off, choclate shaped fish pieces…if you are really luck you might come across the “Surf n turf” version, that has both fish and cow chocolate pieces…clever right?

8) Stupid jokes. Those of you who know me, know that at one point in my life I held the title of pun master. Though my skills are rarely used these days. I still appreciate a silly joke. If you have a good one feel free to share it on my comments. Here is an example for you. How does an Aggie spell farm? E-I-E-I-O! he he

9) Dove Crème Oil body wash. If you too have suffered from the dry skin blues get some of this stuff and make your dreams come true!

10) Gold Bond Ultimate healing lotion with aloe. Again saved my hands form the brutality of winter winds. My hands would actually be so dry they would crack and bleed, this stuff is awesome. Best of all it doesn’t have much of a smell. I am not much of a “perfumie flowery” smell kind of person.

11) Mexican food. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! These are a few of my favorite places to get it. La Hacienda, Joe T. Garcia’s, Pasados, Cantina Laredo and Chrisitna’s. Jon prefers Chinese but because he is the best I often win in the battle of where to eat.

12) Coke Zero. Delicious! I prefer it in a glass with ice. I don’t really like drinking out of cans. I get this from my mom. Something about the metal taste ruins the drink.

13) Chick-Fil-A…..double yum! I wish I owned one.. mostly for all the money they must make from the hoards of people heading in there….. but alas I must settle for enjoying their delicious chicken biscuits.

14) Pedicures! I don’t get to go too often…unlike pampered Princess Meghan but I still enjoy getting them. Try Romie’s across from North Park for a truly amazing experience. Ask for the Baby’s Butt and tell them I sent you.

15) Movies...comedies or chick flicks…never scary! Jon and I are proud members of Blockbuster on-line. Not only do they fill our entertainment needs but they so kindly leave us a message on our answering machine every week to tell us that our movies are overdue. If you haven’t been able to rent a movie because they are all checked out, it is probably our fault. No late fees are greatness..though we too fall victim to the missing movie plague. funny thing is we almost never watch the movies that we get in the mail. We just trade them in instead! silly right!

16) Crock pots. A working mom’s best friend. Put it in when you leave for work and come home to a home cooked meal. I recommend putting it in frozen if you are gone from 7 to 6. Also great for queso. See #11.

17) Chocolate…nuff said!

18) Ok I know I already have lots of clothing items on here but I forgot my pajama staple, pajama pants and tank tops. If you are close you have most definitely seen me wearing these. Some of you who have shown up unrepentantly have probably also seen them. I am a big believe in taking off work clothes ASAP and getting comfortable. I thought these were delightfully tacky!other pic See #8.

19) Playing games. My whole family is a bit competitive. Jon and I must be on the same team, so as to avoid fighting. Here are some favorites!


20) Friends…what would we do without them! Ok, I couldn't find a picture that showed all of my friends. So instead of hurting feelings I decided to just leave off a picture for this one. Besides, you know who you are!


randa said...

ok...I must agree with you on most of these enjoy puns!?!?! since when (you know I'm kidding) so (looking in a mirror) let's take some time to reflect. Oh how I missed the puns. and I got a joke for you, you have probably heard it, but my favorite American Idol (aka: my boyfriend) david cook told it on Idol insider the other night...Have you heard about the new pirate movie...It's rated RRRRRRRRRRRRR.

alicia hart said...

ANG! i must say, that dieting is really paying off. it's really apparent in your new jeans picture!! they are soooo slimming. :) where can i find a pair to transform my bottom half into a size 4?

Josh and Laura said...

That is the cutest picture ever of Kaden sitting on the rocks!