Monday, May 12, 2008


Ok so on Friday my Mom, sister and I went for a girl's night at the spa for pedicures and then to Rio Mambo for brisket tacos. (Rated in the top 25 dishes in DFW by the way.)We tried to do dinner first but weren't going to have enough time before dinner to instead we went to ge tour toes done and then came back for dinner. As soon as we walked in Meghan headed to the bathroom. Mom and I put our name on the list and then I decided to use the restroom as well. When I walked in the stalls were all full and I decided to play a joke on Meg. We had been teasing Miss Diva all day about her new Coach purse so I decided to reach over and snatch it off the hook, just to give her a heart attack. Since she didn't know I had come to the bathroom also it seemed flawless.
The only problem...apparently Meghan isn't the only women in DFW with jeans, black flip flops, a Coach purse with pink accents and pink toe nails. I reached over and was pulling it up by the strap when I saw the strap and immediately realized it wasn't Meghan's. I feel a tug from below and I immediately replaced it on the hook and darted out of the bathroom.
Now in hind sight I probably should have stayed to tell the lady my blunder but I panicked and abandoned the premises!
Shortly after Mom and I were seated and Meghan returned. I told them the story and we all cracked up.
Still needing to use the restroom I decided to venture back. When I came out the table right by the restroom was discussing it. I saw the lady gesturing in a manner that appeared to be a mime of the mystery hand coming over the door to snatch her purse.
Oh, well at least we both got a good story out of it.

Moral of the story: Always study your potential prank victim closely. Turns out Meg was actually wearing plaid flip flops..OOPS!


Josh and Laura said...

OH MY GOSH....that is too funny! I can't believe the lady didn't scream and jump out of the stall or something...haha!

Aaron Sacco said...

That's crazy! I would have panicked too.

Diana Richards said...

I am SO hiding my purse when I come over, now. Klepto!