Thursday, November 15, 2007

Toot Toot, Plop Plop

If you have never experienced the succession of sounds listed above then you are truly missing out. These sounds are exclusive to one event life that is most likely unavoidable. An event that you would rather not witness. An event that you want to leave as quickly as possible. A happening that will haunt your dreams every time you look at the place where it occured. Yes, these four sounds in succession could mean anything, a train is coming and splashed through a puddle, a car horn is honking as the rain drops fall. Unfortunately in my case it was something worse..something gross..something stinky! My sweet precious, blonde hair, blue eyed boy was the culprit, his daddy was the witness and clean up crew and I was in charge of transporting culprit to a new location.

that's right IT WAS
the dreaded......
the terrible....


Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I am thankful for so many things and being the first week in November I thought it would be a great time to start! In no particular order.
1. My Husband! He is crazy, sometimes messy and sleeps odd hours but he is the best! when he plays with Kaden it melts my heart!
2. Kaden's feet! they are so cute and ticklish! He laughs just if you take off his shoes and socks in anticipation of the tickling!
3. Kaden's laugh..what can I so cute!
4. DVR....seriously it is awesome!
5. A job that I love!
6. A fabulous babysitter for Kaden.
7. Instant oatmeal...seriously, it's easy, delicious and i can make it at work if I don' t have time for breakfast at home!
8. My microwave...seriously how did people have time to cook without it! Pre-timed buttons for fresh vegetables, baked potatoes and reheating! Genius! A working mom's best friend!
9. Kaden's belly, it is so cute and ticklish! I can't wait until he can point to it on command!
10. Baby snot sucker....ok Kaden HATES it but when he wakes up and can't breathe it makes it much easier for me to free his breathing! so what if I have to practically put him in a head lock, it works great for the pre-blowing nose phase!!
11. Great Friends! I have so many great friends who have supported us while I was job hunting and who offer up financial and babysitting services as needed! Especially for my sister, AKA Aunt Sissy. She is always there and willing to offer a helping hand. Unless it is a stinky diaper, those she only does if she is the only one there.She is the best! 12. Jon's brain. He comes up with the greatest ideas. He is so creative and once he has it in his head to do something there is no stopping him! You can thank him for the birth announcement, birthday card and yearly Christmas card. I sometimes have the ideas but he makes it happen!
13. Hot showers! I have the hardest time getting out of the shower! I can actually get dressed, do my make-up and hair in less time than I spent in the shower...sad huh???
14. Pillows! I sleep with at least 3...4 if I can manage to wrestle them away from Jon. Two under my head, (one must be my memory foam) one to snuggle with in front and one behind my back! Ah, Paradise! Good thing we have a king size bed!
15. Having no laundry...ok it rarely happens but it is nice to feel organized!
16. Freshly vacuumed carpet. Looks so nice and fur free!
17. I am thankful that even though Kaden will sometimes (like this morning) fight me when it comes to eating breakfast, that he will eventually (when we are already 10 minutes late) decide he wants to finish off the whole bowl! Thank you flexible job!
18. Rain. I love the smell, the sound and napping in the rain! I love cuddling on the couch and watching a movie while the rain pours down outside!
19. Movies, they are so fun. Even if they are me I have seen my share....they bring laughter, joy and an escape from the everyday worries of life!
20. Hugs! Whether quick, long or from your one year old while he falls asleep there is nothing better than a hug!

Happy Birthday Jon!

I know I am a little late but wanted to dedicate a post to my favorite husband Jon! On Sunday he turned 27, finally catching up to me in age ;) I wanted to let everyone know, that didn't already know, that he is the greatest! He makes us laugh, he works hard and he loves us more than anything! Sometimes he leaves his clothes on the floor but I wouldn't trade him for anything! This is our 9th year of birthdays celebrating together. I hope we have 99 more! I love you the most babe!