Tuesday, March 23, 2010

28 weeks: Update and Pregnancy Rewind

We didn't get great pictures with this sono but here is one of her sweet face!

I actually wrote this when pregnant with Kaden but though tit was a good description of my situation now! I will insert what I have learned and improved this time! These comments will be in ()

Ok you have probably noticed that a lot of people keep asking about the pregnancy so I have decided to post an update! I am currently almost 24(28) weeks...that's 6(7) months for those of you who don't like conversions.
Short of some swollen ankles(None yet woo hoo!) and being tired (LOTS) I am feeling great!
Kaden (Ella) is growing by the minute. At last check he(she) weighed 15 ounces(3.5 pounds), this is almost triple what he weighed a month previous...I know!
I am quite certain that he is over the pound mark because I officially fit in nothing...that's right..nothing. (This time I have only gained 4 pounds so far, can still wear many of my pre-pregnancy clothes, including a favorite pair of jeans!)

(This part hasnt' happened but was rather funny so I am leaving it!)
In fact last night I found the cutest blue shirt that said boy on the front...it was one size fits most...you guessed it..it didn't fit! That is so frustating, I mean I thought pregnancy would be the one time in life when fat chicks could shine!(still true, even though I knew better)

However, the maternity clothes makers of the world decided that only skinny chicks should be allowed to be cute when they are pregnant. I mean what is up with that! They get to be cute all the time give us big boned mama's a little help here! (AMEN!)
I swear I am not the largest pregnant person ever but I now understand why bigger boned mama's than I, spend the 9 months in sweat pants!
The waist in maternity pants may stretch to fit a small elephant but heaven forbid they give you any thigh room! (Still not wearing true maternity pants, dreading the day it is inevitable)

And another thing- who decided that all pregnant woman want to show off their boobs. Don't get me wrong, I've got more now than ever but that doesn't mean I want everyone to see them! Every cute shirt that I manage to find in pregnant whale size is cute down to my belly button, I mean come on people, if I wouldn't wear this shirt in my normal size why oh why would I want to buy it when my boobs are swollen and my belly is bulging! (I wore one of my favorite prego shirts today and ran into this problem. It is more recognizable this time as I am often leaning over to talk to a 3 year old!)
Especially with my high water jeans, which oh yeah, by the way being tall and pregnant..also not accomodated! To get them to be close to my feet I have to buy the largest size offered by Old Navy, only available through mail order.....which means wearing two safety pins to hold them up. Nothing says fun like tugging your pants up every ten seconds and then every 5th time getting a jab in the finger with a pin! Oh, and in case I forgot to mention...they still AREN"T LONG ENOUGH!(Not here yet but sure it is coming)
It is like only being able to shop at Rue 21 for 9 months...big and tall girls I know you know what I mean by that!
I just think some maternity store needs to get smart and first of all make normal sizes actually be normal sizes! I know what I wore before I was pregnant, I have only gained about (4)10 pounds and those sizes won't even go over my calves, which by the way haven't grown!

And don't even get me started on maternity undies! I bought 2 sizes larger than I normally wear...and I spend the day rolling them backup over my belly and my booty...good thing my pants can stretch over my head because it makes for some ackward but effecient panty-pull-ups! (I found some amazing granny panties at Lane Bryant and I haven't looked back. Older and wise this time ladies and any men who might be reading this!)

So in light of these recent discoveries I say, lose down to your dream size before you get pregnant or expect to be frustrated! (NO LIE, but not the end of the world if you are not),I guess I am destined to wear safety pins and pull and tug for the last 3 months but on the upside I will get a sweet baby boy(GIRL)!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

Before our first day of spring cold snap, we headed out to the botanical gardens to enjoy the warm weather!

Sweet boy!

Grammy, Issy and Kaden

Checking out the pond.

Princess Issy

Almost 28 weeks!

We figured out the key to getting Kaden to smile is to tell him that we aren't getting him in the picture, then he smiles nicely!

Piggy-back ride from Issy

Resting after running ahead.

We all had cups and we kept havign mom hold them so we decided this was an appropriate picture.

Sweet big brother!

Almost 28 weeks, We made it to the 3rd Trimester!

What a beautiful spring day, hopefully they will come back soon!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sneak Peak of Ella's Room!

Our Little Fish Is At it Again!

Lowes Build and Grow

We finally made it to Lowe's Build and Grow!

It turned out to be very self guided but we did awesome!

Yes there were real nails and it took some good whacks to drive this bad boy!

Tiny nails....it is 7/16ths or..hmmmmm?

Following the instructions is very important.

Mommy bravely holding the board for hammering.

All done! We have the patch to prove it!