Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ella in my Belly! Week 24/25

I say 24/25 because this baby girl is measuring a week further along! She is probably going to be the big baby the doc was expecting with Kaden!
Her kicks are strong and her heartbeat sounds great!
She even kicked her Aunt Allison the other day.
My belly does waves when she gets really excited, usually around 10:30 PM!
I am feeling pretty good most of the time but she still doesn't like milk for breakfast apparently!

Kaden out of the blue this morning asked me this
K: Mommy how does baby get out of your tummy?
Me: She just comes out
K: But HOW does she get out?
Me: I just push her out.
K: But how does she actually come out?
Me: Hand me that remote over there and I will turn on Mickey!
Whew! Dodged that bullet...for now!

Next month we will do another sonogram, glucose test etc. Can't wait to see her again!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lots of New Blogs!

Finally finished Christmas and added lots more!

Valentine Snow day 2010..Record setter!

Kaden the snow-squashing pirate!

Snow prints in 2010 above and 2007 below!

Digging in to some fun!

Snow covered house!

Building a prego Mommy snow person!

Allison, Emory and Allison come to play!

Ready, aim, fire!

Awesome snow slide that Jon built.

Snow bunny Emory!

Yes, they threw these at me as soon as I took the picture!

Snow Angels

We had to be sneaky to capture this one.

Tub sliding, not as fun as it sounded. It only lasted one slide down the driveway!

After promising a popsicle, we finally got a smile!

Yes, I said snow and freezing weather.

Daddy snowman

Kaden snow boy

Mommy and Ella snowlady

Snow family!

Issy and Kaden are ready to go inside!

The Snow-Rhodes

Belly shots!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day: Day 1!

Snow Day 1, only Daddy got to stay home today!

After nap and when Mommy got home!


Daddy's Masterpiece


Ella in my Belly...almost 23 weeks!

Snowman kisses

Kaden, of course, wanted to take the slide face first!