Friday, February 12, 2010

Christmas Night at the Rhodes'

Attacking the Santa bag!

He kept saying he wanted a buffalo, this was as close as Santa could get!

Buz and Woody watch

Awesome tag reader!

Even Santa knows about Threadless!

Stocking time!

Santa's helper passing out gifts

Daddy is super excited about this one!

D's turn

He said he was Lauren (Alban) with this bow on....

Daddy gets some more gifts....New toms!

Mommy's stack

Now D and Allison will smell good...but not around Mommy please!

Kaden pulled the tissue out, saw it was clothes and then quickly put it back and said he wanted to open another one. Smart boy!

New undies..woo hoo!

New boots, he still needs to grow a bit though.

Finally Papa passes off the camera and gets to be in a few!

Jammie party time!

Sharing a snack!

Another great Christmas!

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