Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Grammy Comes to Visit

Grammy came to see me and watch me play my first game!

Playing hide and go seek...
Kaden reading Where is my Mother?

Issy sliding!
Not many pictures. Most of them were from the game for the weekend!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Pirates vs.Little Sluggers

Today was Kaden's First Official Blastball Game! We were, of course, the first to arrive!
Kaden warms up by spinning around the pole! He said " I am getting izzy!"
Warming up with Cade
Who's number one? Kaden's number one!
Sweetest Pirate Ever!
Mommy showing her speed!
I got it! It started off a little rough. They don't really understand that they can't all get the ball every time. Kaden kept wandering off and had to be enticed back with promises of goldfish and gummies!
Ready position...more like ready to attack and pout if I don't get the ball
Team Huddle
Waiting his turn.......some times went better than others
A little help from Coach Cox
Run Madison Run!
She may be number 0 but she means so much more to us! :)
High 5's all around!
Taking a little break
water time!
Team Photo

Surprisingly it was a tie! A great time was had by all but I needed a 2nd shower!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Class of 1999: 10 Years Later

Our Saturday Night even was adults only with a dinner and chat time at Lytle Bend pavillion.
Jason and Candace modeling the nametags Jon worked so hard on!

A group enjoying themselves!

The whole group. Let's double this next time!

Josh, Gabe, Me, Jennifer, Jon and Becky

Diana and I

you always need at least one self portrait....

The boys: Josh, Clay, Gabe and Andy

Becky pretending to be Kluza...

Me and Joshua

Prom pose, 10 years later. We look practically the same right?

Class of 1999+ Kids: At the Zoo

After the traditional school tour, we headed to the Abilene Zoo to show off our little ones.
Alyiah, Kaden and Zach pose by the sign. It was difficult to get them all looking at the same time

A close up..... Kaden enjoys making this face for some reason??

Addison Kluza...she is not still an infant, though if you are only depending on Jennifer's facebook you might think this!

Checking out the alligator. We were taking bets as to whether it was real. It did yawn for us later so we were convinced.

Watching the turtles with Daddy

Jennifer and Addison

The best part of the Abilene zoo, giraffe observation deck....

and big slimy tongues!

Admiring their parents former elementary school mascot

The bears were up on the fence eating oru crackers we threw. It was crazy to see them so close up!

This is for Daddy. Go JAGS!

Checking out the baby alligator. It was feeding day so there were some nice mice in all the cages.

Jennifer, Me and Becky

Camera was a little too slow!

One last look at the giraffes.....

Big hugs goodbye to our Buddy Zach! See ya soon!

Class of 1999: Homecoming Game

It is hard to believe it has been 10 years since, Jon and I started dating and we graduated from High School!
Jon, Me and Elaine Dispo

Me and Dakota Moncrief. He is actually married to Leslie, who graduated with us. He was in my section in band. I was his fearless leader....or something like that
Zach and Kaden checking out the teams....
James & Jennifer Kluza
Jennifer, Becky and Me

The group at the game....
Cooper should have won but lost in the last few minutes, after we had left...