Friday, January 30, 2009

Tag for 25 Things about Me!

1. I have only dated, loved, kissed one man ever!
2. I can French braid my own hair..when it’s long enough.
3. I LOVE Food Network! I love finding out where things come from!
4. I have watched er all 10 years, I am sad it is ending!
5. I can quote Full House…sad but true
6. I love to cook but rarely follow recipes
7. I have had 6 jobs since graduating 6 years ago. Sound worse than it is…
8. I am a Texas Notary Public…want to see my stamp?
9. I have never been drunk, used drugs or smoked
10. I am currently reading two books…at the same time
11. I love movies…but rarely watch the same one twice!
12. Jon and I picked Kaden’s name our sophomore year in college, 5 years before he was born
13. BTW even after dating 5 years I “earned” my white dress thank you very much!
14. Jon and I don’t celebrate Valentines Day...We celebrate the anniversary of our first date instead...March 12th. 10 years this year!
15. I love wearing jeans! I would wear them everyday if I could!
16. I love taking pictures, though you probably knew that.
17. I hate cleaning showers and toilets!
18. I am allergic to dust
19. I love Harry Potter! No I don’t believe in witches, devil worship etc. just like the stories
20. I play the alto sax. Meg and I are about to start playing again in a city band.
21. I used to LOVE cats…now I do not like them…mostly due to allergies
22. Though I don’t use them much any more..I love puns!
23. My sisser is my bestest buddy…you already knew that but threw it in anyway!
24. I graduated number 21 out of over 500 in high school and graduated college with a 3.75
25. I love reading these things about other people!

I tag Laura, Diana, Kristin, Stephanie and Randa!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Se Hablo Espanol?

Look what Kaden's learning at school! I know the video isn't great. I was driving and couldn't really see but couldn't miss this moment!

Better video...can you guess his favorite numbers to say?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Heard Museum

Last weekend we visited the Heard Museum in McKinney with the Alban Family. They were having an animatronic dinosaur display and this was the last weekend we could go before it closed. ......
We started out inside touring their displays.
Here Daddy counts the rings on this old tree

Kaden lost interest much faster

He did love this stuffed bear though....

We call this the dino dance!

Then we braved the temperatures in the 40's to venture out to the outdoor exhibit.
Kaden led the way......

dino pony not as tempting as regular pony

Courtney(and baby Albanator), Meg and Angie with Baby T-Rex

The Alban Fam!

Sweet Hannah
Look they are in the same frame!

Oh, no watch out Daddy!

that's better stay away from the mouth....

Group shot...well not too bad..apparently the kids had something more interesting to look at

Kaden was super excited about posing with me

The Rhodes' Fam

Kaden shows Issy the Triceratops

Courtney and Angie in Da Hood...sorry couldn't resist

Kaden went back and forth between terrified and enthralled with the giant dinos!
The last one was the giant T-Rex! Kaden was telling Issy inside..."I freezing let go inside!"

It was really cool.... literally and figuratively.
Everyone ran inside so Jon and I had to take our own photo...not to bad if you ask me

Inside Kaden explored some horns

so did Jon

Ew a snake eating a mouse!

Time for some refreshment

Sic Em' Issy

Sic Em Hannah!

On theway back to the Alban's Kaden wanted to see himself...notice the giant bump between his eyes. Jon wa sbeing silly and when he tried to put him on my back his head slammed into the back of my head..oops!

A self portrait by Kaden...see the eye poking through

It was still early so the girls headed to the mall with the kids to play. It was crazy crowded but they loved it!
Kaden decided this was his horse...he kept guarding it..

Hannah very intense about this cow

Issy helping Kaden slide

We ended the night at Gloria's, where Scott and Caroline joined us!

What a fun day! Let's do it again soon! See you next Sunday!

Kaden's New Class

Kaden got to move up into the Young Two's Class last week. He now wears a uniform and will hopefully start pottying more can hope!

Starting the big day with a good breakfast. Yummy French Toast sticks!

Telling Molly bye and showing off his cute uniform...or as he says my "shool shirt"

Madison's Birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday Madison!

Nothing better than a fun jump party! Mommy was too busy playing to take pics during the jumping part but maybe she will get some from Miss Vanessa.
Yum "Chicken" Fil A with my buddy Stephen!

Kaden shared about 3 inches of the bench with Daddy

Party animal

Daddy getting in the spirit of things

Visiting with Heather and John

Helping Madison with her presents

Checking out his party favors

Thanks for the fun party!
Funny sidenote: There was one unfortunate incident....Jon managed to split his pants from seam to shining seam when exiting a tunnel..hee hee. He did manage to get out of the party, go home and change and return with no one the wiser..well until now.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Come on Ride the Train!

We visited the Choo-Choo Station in Grapevine Mills on Sunday.
Go visit soon it looks like it might be going out of business unfortunately

They have a kidsize Thomas and a bigger train to ride also.

Kaden loved riding and playing. They also had an indoor slide and playground area.

The most fun was had building block walls then crashing through them.
Step 1: Build wall with Daddy

Step 2: Climb the slide

Step 3: Crash!

We finished our evening at Rainforest cafe. He was slightly less scared. He actually ate this itme which is an improvement. I would have been better off if I wouldn't have pointed out the Jaguar right above his head..oh, well!

Looking apprehensive

Making sure the jaguar doesn' t get him

Frog legs!

Playing with the rain

Turtle kisses!