Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Heard Museum

Last weekend we visited the Heard Museum in McKinney with the Alban Family. They were having an animatronic dinosaur display and this was the last weekend we could go before it closed. ......
We started out inside touring their displays.
Here Daddy counts the rings on this old tree

Kaden lost interest much faster

He did love this stuffed bear though....

We call this the dino dance!

Then we braved the temperatures in the 40's to venture out to the outdoor exhibit.
Kaden led the way......

dino pony not as tempting as regular pony

Courtney(and baby Albanator), Meg and Angie with Baby T-Rex

The Alban Fam!

Sweet Hannah
Look they are in the same frame!

Oh, no watch out Daddy!

that's better stay away from the mouth....

Group shot...well not too bad..apparently the kids had something more interesting to look at

Kaden was super excited about posing with me

The Rhodes' Fam

Kaden shows Issy the Triceratops

Courtney and Angie in Da Hood...sorry couldn't resist

Kaden went back and forth between terrified and enthralled with the giant dinos!
The last one was the giant T-Rex! Kaden was telling Issy inside..."I freezing let go inside!"

It was really cool.... literally and figuratively.
Everyone ran inside so Jon and I had to take our own photo...not to bad if you ask me

Inside Kaden explored some horns

so did Jon

Ew a snake eating a mouse!

Time for some refreshment

Sic Em' Issy

Sic Em Hannah!

On theway back to the Alban's Kaden wanted to see himself...notice the giant bump between his eyes. Jon wa sbeing silly and when he tried to put him on my back his head slammed into the back of my head..oops!

A self portrait by Kaden...see the eye poking through

It was still early so the girls headed to the mall with the kids to play. It was crazy crowded but they loved it!
Kaden decided this was his horse...he kept guarding it..

Hannah very intense about this cow

Issy helping Kaden slide

We ended the night at Gloria's, where Scott and Caroline joined us!

What a fun day! Let's do it again soon! See you next Sunday!

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Diana said...

Holy cow, he is really growing up! What a big boy...start planning your trip to Arizona, my friend! :)