Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Madison's Birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday Madison!

Nothing better than a fun jump party! Mommy was too busy playing to take pics during the jumping part but maybe she will get some from Miss Vanessa.
Yum "Chicken" Fil A with my buddy Stephen!

Kaden shared about 3 inches of the bench with Daddy

Party animal

Daddy getting in the spirit of things

Visiting with Heather and John

Helping Madison with her presents

Checking out his party favors

Thanks for the fun party!
Funny sidenote: There was one unfortunate incident....Jon managed to split his pants from seam to shining seam when exiting a tunnel..hee hee. He did manage to get out of the party, go home and change and return with no one the wiser..well until now.

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