Sunday, January 11, 2009

27 Months

For this months update I thought I would try to share some funny things this little big boy is doing and saying again. The pictures are from our trip to the Grace Museum in Abilene the Saturday after Christmas. The park was too cold so we opted for indoors! It is getting interesting. I swear any day now he is going to ask for the keys to the car!

1. One of his new lines…”I not going!” Like to shout it repeatedly as he is putting put in the car to go somewhere and then again when we leave that place.
2. Disclaimer: Not proud of this one! “What the heck are you doing?” OOPS!
3. “I help Mommy.” Like this one
4. “You play trains me?”

5. He is really developing empathy/sympathy for others. He started crying while watching Spirit, saying “Horsie broken, Horsie broken.” Speaking of which he is obsessed with horses...books, real, movies doesn’t matter! Every since he rode Silver it is a constant subject!
6. Thinks it is funny to call Daddy a “Big Girl” and Mommy a “Big boy” He really cracks himself up with that. Funny to see he start to understand jokes!
7. Last week I wanted him to change into a t-shirt before we went to Let’s Jump. He wanted to leave on his long sleeve t-shirt and button down. Then I told him that Madison, his buddy from school that was going with us, liked cowboys and this shirt had a cowboy on it. He immediately started taking off his other shirt. We may be in trouble.

8. He is Mr. Bossy. He put Madison in timeout for touching a suitcase she wasn’t supposed to be touching. He was shaking his finger and saying “hey you girl, no, no touching.” Funny!
9. He puts his toys in time out for biting and/or hitting.
10.He has a new turtle that lights up stars. Every night he wants the stars green even though there are other choices.
11.He always wants to take a purple vitamin…bad news when we get down to only red and orange.

12. Doesn’t like messes...he will say “I mess. I mess!”
13. Wants to go potty badly, as he has been promised a football...tries hard but no success yet.
14. Has had multiple sinus and ear infections since starting day care. There is also the constant “day care drip”…runny nose… never ends…

15. Loves the park, now they I get off early we try to make a point to go often after school! Thank goodness for Texas winters!

16. Loves movies! His favorites these days include Monsters (Monsters Inc.), Buzz and Woody (toy story) and, of course, Cars! Most recently he chose Spirit, Korton (Horton Hears a Who) , and Ratatouille

17. Loves cereal Cheerios and ABC’s are his favorite! They must be served “In my bowl!”
18. Love M & M’s, will do almost anything for one!

19. Can’t see one of those tacky painted cows without wanting to sit on it
20. Doesn’t like pink, He didn’t want me to buy cereal with a breast cancer box because it was “girl cereal”

21. My favorite new… ok not new but more used saying “ I love you Mommy!”
22. One day we were driving and I pointed out a dog to him. He said “Oh, I like Molly. She black, no brown!”
23. He will often tell us and his teachers that he “wants a baby sisser”…we’ll see!
24. Loves to race across the house. He will run halfway across the living room then say “Daddy race me to tv...go!”

25. Counts to 10, can sing his ABC’s, most of the time, and is learning to recognize his name
26. Calls potato head and play dough “tomato”…though he can say them correctly he prefers to call them tomato!

27. Terrible Twos…..enough said!
We love you Big boy! Now stop getting so big!
Love, Mommy, Daddy & Molly


megrynders said...

I love that sweet boy so much! You forgot his favorite saying when in trouble or when he wants something you won't give him, "I WANT ISSY!!" That precious boy can have anything he wants from his Issy, especially if he keeps showering me with big hugs and kisses and smiles that warm my heart! I love you Kaden Jon!

The Adams said...

What a big boy! I like the comment Meg added about him wanting Issy..ha! That is too cute.