Thursday, May 29, 2008

Last one!

Happy 4 and a half years of marriage today, Jon! I love you the most!

More fun phrases!

ok, I know I am little blog crazy today but I have much to share!

When I picked Kaden up from Mrs. Stephanie's on Tuesday he had two new sounds.
"HEe HAW!" Imagine the "haw" part being in a really low toddler voice..hilarious!
Also, for their dog Maggy he says "AOOOWWW!" for her howling!

This morning I heard this upon going to wake him up
"Unt Daddy!" he is definetly in his Daddy Phase...he asks for him first thing every morning..*sigh* The only way I could get him out of bed was to promise muffin tops and yogurt.

After getting dressed he walked to the middle of the living room and looked at me.
He then said " Unt Nemo, KAY!!" Imagine a little attitude with the "Ok" It was hilarious! We both laughed! Luckily he was talking about the book this time...which of course, Daddy read!

Memorial Day Take 2!

Sunday Kaden slept a little later….until 8:30! Woo hoo! We made the 9:45 service and then headed to the store to gather goodies for our barbeque. We picked up some Little Caesar’s Hot N Ready and headed home to eat. Little man scarffed some pizza and then took a 3 and a half hour nap! He was apparently making up for yesterday!
Daddy, Sissy and I made two batches of homemade ice cream…Butterfinger and straw-ba-nut…Delicious! We then, of course, practiced up on our Wii skills….I am still the Smarty Pants champion… pretty good bowler too…well most of the time. Soon Becky, Courtney, Dustin and Hannah joined us. We all got suited up and headed to the pool, Amanda and Nathan met us there!

Kaden was decked out in his arm floaties and inner tube…neither of which he felt he needed. He wanted them “OFF!” he then spent the next hour trying to give his mother a heart attack while he nonchalantly walked straight for the deep end. NO FEAR! No matter how many times he went under or we tried to explain that he could walk that far out he would keep trying. He loves walking around the shallow end and chasing his ball, he is starting to turn into Nemo I think!

After enough close calls and gallons of pool water swallowed we decided to head home for some barbeque! We all changed while Jon fired up the grill…which BTW only has two good hot spots on it…needless to say it took a awhile and we ate our dinner in courses! Poor Jon was at the grill forever it seemed!

Kaden had a great time playing with Hannah and there was, of course, some fierce Wii competition. The “I did it!” phrase occurred while Kaden was helping me bowl!

Kaden hit the sack at around 9:30..we had high hopes of sleeping late…which he did…until 8:30… not too bad.
We took an early morning…”CODE!” swim at Allison’s apartment. Kaden was literally blue but still didn’t want to get out.
We had leftover cook out for lunch and then Sissy went shopping while Kaden and Mommy napped and Daddy watched a movie. Kaden again slept for 3 hours!

We had our small group cook-out at 5:30. There was lots of good food and best of all a slip n slide. Kaden wasn’t so sure about it at first but he quickly warmed up, once Daddy started throwing him down it. Pics to come!

After consoling Daddy, that Tuesday wouldn’t be his first day of summer, we all hit the hay. It was an exhausting but fun weekend!

In Memory of Memorial Day Weekend

Ok, I know it is a little late and I was waiting for pictures (Poor computer is still sick) but I decided to go ahead and share our weekend story with you.

Friday night was a low key evening at home. We cooked some spaghetti, which Kaden will now eat by the way, and watched... what else NEMO! For about the 900th time. The funny thing is no matter how many times I have seen it; I am still interested in it….. Dory is still hilarious and Jon and I have even been known to quote it at random. Problem is, if the others around us haven’t also seen it 900 times…they don’t have a clue what we are talking about.
Whenever Kaden got tired of sitting he would engage in wrestling with us. Don’t worry he can hold his own, he would run at me full force and knock me over, followed quickly by trying to lift my head to get me “Up, up!”
He would then climb up in the brown chair and flip over my head.

This kid is fearless…. More on that later

Saturday morning we were awakened so very pleasantly by our little man at 7:00 AM! We got him up, slapped some cartoons, gave him his “non-spill” bowl of Fruity Cheerios and dosed while he watched Mickey Mouse Club house. This lasted about an hour but after being jumped on numerous times we decided it was time to get up. We got dressed and headed to Chick-Fil-A. You know you have a toddler when you arrive not only in time for breakfast but at 9:00 Am on Saturday dressed and ready for the day! I had a delicious Chicken Biscuit and Kaden chowed down his Chicken Mini’s…with a fork of course, in between snagging pieces of our fruit! Daddy had the Baby Mama Bagel, as we like to call it because it contains both egg and chicken…creepy right..but tasty!

Our next stop was the mall. If you know me, you know that I pretty much loathe shopping, but I needed a new swim suit..oh joy….. And the time had come. We arrived at the mall before it opened, again a sign that you have a toddler waking you up early…so we ran to Old Navy where I got Mr. Man some new PJ’s. (Pics to follow) He had still been wearing his jammies from last summer but Daddy said they were looking like booty shorts! After an unsuccessful shopping trip at Dillard’s, seriously who invented bathing suits! I finally found one at Avenue for half none the less! We met up with Sissy there and Kaden and Daddy went to Barnes and Noble. Daddy loves going there and reading books. Kaden got the Grover classic “There is a Monster at the End of this Book!” I loved that one when I was a kid!

After this we parted ways, Sissy and I went to Sam’s to stock up on diapers, while Daddy took Kaden for a frozen cappuccino…that right you heard me…some times Daddy’s make mistakes! It wasn’t actually intended for him but after he saw the fun machine at QuikTrip making it and spinning it, he had to have a sip.. Surprisingly he loved it. The rest of the way home he kept saying “Mine, Mine! Until at last Daddy handed it to him at the stop light about 5 minutes from home. I don’t know if he thought Kaden was going to take a sip and then say “Here father I am done” but he, of course, held on for dear life and sucked that puppy dry! Needless to say…nap was a four letter word. He was in bed jumping around like a monkey when Meg and I got there. We thought maybe feeding him would help…. No way, after a sandwich, he was more fueled. He literally sat at the end of the table saying our names over and over like he was crazy or something! After another 30 minutes of jumping in the bed we finally decided that a nap was not to be.

We loaded up and went to play at Aunt Allison’s apartment, hoping the heat and the running around would wear him out…no such luck... The heat moved us into the pool where we quickly realized the diaper wasn’t going to last long. I ran home to grab the swim diapers and suit. Oh, and to pick up our cute guest for the evening, Mr. Zachary Richards. More on this later, pictures say it all!

After swimming about 2 hours…we went home for Brinner! Delicious! The boys played and had a great time..Again pics later!

Around 7:30 we decided to head out to get some snow cones…I know we are slow learners, turns out a snow cone an hour before bed is still not as bad as a frozen cappuccino! The boys went down easily and Aunt Allison, Daddy and I played some Wii.

This is getting rather long, so I am going to put Sunday and Monday in a separate blog!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Phrase of the week

Our computer has been sick so I don't have pictures today but here is the phrase of the week..
While playing Wii bowling, with Mommy's help, of course,
Kaden knocked down the pins.
He then stood up and said
"I did it!" so cute!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Copy Cat

I stole this from Diana
I am:
Far from perfect
I know:
God's plan is perfect
I want:
To get healthy
I have:
Ridiculous amounts of student loans
I wish:
I could pay them off so I could have another baby
I hate:
roller coaster and scary movie
I miss:
Having summer's hasnt' even started and I miss it already
I fear:
The death of my husband
I feel:
Happy to have an amazing husband and son
I hear:
My radio..trying to entertain me
I smell:
The musty scent of our old office building
I crave:
These amazing brownies from down stairs
I search:
For my shoes, Kaden loves to hide them around the house
I wonder:
How long I will sit in neutral before my career path is shown to me
I regret:
My education degree, should have done nursing..maybe someday
I love:
My husband, son and family
I always:
Brush my teeth, first thing. Ok, after I potty!
I believe:
A person will never truly experience peace and full joy without believing in Jesus Christ, and being filled with the Holy Spirit
that in order to be happy sometimes, you have to be the bigger person.
I dance:
In the living room with Kaden and Jon, hard hats optional
I sing:
In the car (with sisser), at home and to Kaden before he goes to sleep
I don’t always:
Close cabinet doors..I don't know why but I always forget!
I write:
Emails and blogs!
I lose:
Will power around pastries but never games!
I never:
Let a day go by without telling my husband and son that I love them
I like to listen:
To Kaden talk, it is the best to try to figure out what he is jabbering about.
I can usually be found:
Playing with Kaden, in the kitchen or sleeping
I am scared:
Of everything! ok not everything but I am a chicken!
I am happy about:
Having amazing friends and family to help with Kaden!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Family Pics!

We had pictures taken on Saturday and they turned out great! I added a few to the blog but here is the link if you want to see them all!

Fun in the "L"

Last week we decided to replace Kaden’s super cool play mat that was stolen with a pool. He loves the water and though it seemed rain was imminent we had just enough time before bed time to play. Daddy blew up the 3 layer pool with the exercise ball pump, Suggested by Mommy, so as to avoid passing out from hyperventilating, and started filling it up. I got Kaden changed into his swim diaper and offered a snack to help pass the time.

As you can see he enjoyed it. Until he got to the end of it and it started to melt everywhere.

Finally it was ready and he had a great time splashing and swimming. Never mind that it was cloudy and the water was freezing. This didn’t detour him one bit. I had my feet in and was starting to feel chilled but he didn’t mind at all.

Things were going great until I saw what you don’t’ want to see. As Kaden climbed into the pool and sat down I saw some “particle” wash out of the top of the trusty swim diaper. Did I mention our feet were in there!!!

I quickly grabbed him and removed him from the pool, stripping off the diaper. Now the swim diapers are great because they don’t absorb water…the swim diapers are terrible because they don’t absorb anything! I was trying to figure out how to get a diaper filled with water poo to the trash without dripping it on the driveway and Daddy was capturing the moment.

I went in for a towel while Daddy sprayed Kaden down with the hose. Hey he was already wet man! I came out to find him shivering but dying to the return to the pool. No way! While trying to avoid eye contact with the “floaters” I wrapped him up and went inside for a bath. Leaving Daddy to clean up. Shockingly, he chose this chore. I think I got the better end of the deal. After all, he was already hosed off!

After this excitement we have decided to refer to the “pool” as an “L”. Hopefully Kaden will realize that there is no “poo” in it!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Reading at 19 do we do it

Ok, so maybe not reading but attempting. Truth is I had a fun post ready for today but it simply must have the pics to go with it and our computer was malfunctioning and not picking up my camera so I was unable to download then. Therefore, I will share a cute story from last night.

We were at the end of Kaden's bed routine. Bath, diaper, clothes, 1/2 a Flintstone vitamin, teeth brushed (BTW hates it!) and finally book time.

Kaden's latest favorite is a Winnie the Pooh book called "A Tale of Two Tiggers." profound right. Well he finds this bad boy no matter where we hide, I mean put it. I had already read it twice. Once with voices and everything, which turned out to give Tigger an Italian accent and Pooh was never the same twice. Daddy is much better at voices. Anyway, we were reading about Adam and Eve leaving the garden after not obeying God. When again shouts of "Pooh, Pooh" are being expressed.

Apparently I didn't switch fast enough because before I knew it Kaden started reading to himself. it went a little something like this.
First he started from the back and turned the pages towards the front.

"blah, blah POOH! shhs shh shs POOH!wah wah POOH!"

He went through the entire book like this. He even scanned the pages correctly.
Pretty impressive really, even though the main character was Tigger, to be fair Pooh was pictured on every page!

It is amazing how it won't be long before he is reading to us!

Monday, May 12, 2008


Ok so on Friday my Mom, sister and I went for a girl's night at the spa for pedicures and then to Rio Mambo for brisket tacos. (Rated in the top 25 dishes in DFW by the way.)We tried to do dinner first but weren't going to have enough time before dinner to instead we went to ge tour toes done and then came back for dinner. As soon as we walked in Meghan headed to the bathroom. Mom and I put our name on the list and then I decided to use the restroom as well. When I walked in the stalls were all full and I decided to play a joke on Meg. We had been teasing Miss Diva all day about her new Coach purse so I decided to reach over and snatch it off the hook, just to give her a heart attack. Since she didn't know I had come to the bathroom also it seemed flawless.
The only problem...apparently Meghan isn't the only women in DFW with jeans, black flip flops, a Coach purse with pink accents and pink toe nails. I reached over and was pulling it up by the strap when I saw the strap and immediately realized it wasn't Meghan's. I feel a tug from below and I immediately replaced it on the hook and darted out of the bathroom.
Now in hind sight I probably should have stayed to tell the lady my blunder but I panicked and abandoned the premises!
Shortly after Mom and I were seated and Meghan returned. I told them the story and we all cracked up.
Still needing to use the restroom I decided to venture back. When I came out the table right by the restroom was discussing it. I saw the lady gesturing in a manner that appeared to be a mime of the mystery hand coming over the door to snatch her purse.
Oh, well at least we both got a good story out of it.

Moral of the story: Always study your potential prank victim closely. Turns out Meg was actually wearing plaid flip flops..OOPS!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

19 months- A lifetime in review (so far)

Disclaimer-I know it is a little early but I have been dying to share this video!

I know I say this every time but is it possible that my little Munchkin is 19 months old! It seems like I blink my eyes and I am back at 19 weeks gestation when we found out we were having a little boy. Now suddenly I have a little man! He is doing so many new things every day. This month’s top 19 will be a combo of cute things and new words.

1. “tutle” translation turtle. One day he pointed to it on his spoon and said it clear as day!

2. He puts his little finger up to his lips and says “shh..shhh!”

3. When he is trying to do something that is difficult for him, such as reach for something, or put shoes on etc. He will look at us and say “Hard, Hard!” Again no idea where he got that!

4. “Ere go Mommy” When he hands me something!

5. “Crash” translated trash.. As soon as I take off his diaper he starts saying "crash!” Most time he will throw it away, other times I have to wrestle it away while he reminds me that it is..

6. “Mine, mine!” Not my most favorite word…but he enjoys using it, in reference to everything!

7. He is doing awesome with silverware! (The bigger and more dangerous the better.) Still hasn’t mastered stabbing with the fork so he will sometimes pass it off to one of us to fill and he will stuff it in his mouth.

8. BTW…due to limited afternoon snacks. thanks Steph…he now eats! Still loves drinkable yogurt, milk, juice, fruit, cheese etc. New loves include macaroni and cheese (thank you God for EasyMac), banana pancakes and grape tomatoes! Who even knows where that came from!If he seems them on the counter he goes crazy saying please until he gets one.

9. “Ank you mama”…seriously does it get any cuter!

10. Loves to dance. If he hears a tune, TV, singing whatever he starts busting a move. He must get those skills from his Daddy.

11. I don’t remember if I mentioned this last time or not but he loves to pray. Before each meal he will reach for our hands, shrug his little shoulders and look at us. This is our cue to start praying. At the end he shouts, AMEN! Again, So cute! Sometimes we do this multiple times throughout a meal!

12. He calls his little lawn mower a “car”. If ever he sees it, it is all over until he is able to go play with it! He loves to follow Jon around while he is mowing!

13. “Puppy” all dogs were first called dog, then Molly and now he refers to them all as “Puppy!”

14. Loves to jump. On the bed, on the chair, or in an air castle, doesn’t matter, he loves it!

15. “Wader!” He loves to drink out of a big boy cup. He will go into the pantry, get a plastic cup and try very hard to fill it himself. He can’t’ quite reach yet but now I know why the water dispenser has a lock. We will usually give him a little, or as I tell Jon, give him as much as you want to clean up later!

16. Goes to bed easily though will still sit and chatter to himself for up to 30 minutes! Chatty Cathy!

17. Has a new fascination with Nemo. Luckily it is giving us a break from the Elmo obsession but still I don’t think I can handle watching it again! Though, it does give us a good 15-20 minutes longer to sleep in on the weekends if we put him in our bed with the movie on.

18. He moved up into the big boy room at Church. He loves it, no tears when we leave and he has the best time rocker on the giant Nemo’s they have in there!

And finally #19“Towel” don’t know why he likes this word but he loves it!

Here is a video for your enjoyment demonstrating this new word!!

Happy 19 Months Bubba! We can’t wait to see what you do next!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Weighing In.....

Kaden is starting to develop some cute little quirks. One of them reminds me a lot of myself at that age. Not that I remember but I have been told.

This picture is something that you might see on any typical day.

Kadne is sitting on the bathroom scale. This is one of his favorite places to be...while we are using the restroom. Sounds silly but he will sit here with his little book and wait patiently for us to finish our business. Even that is dedication.

On this particular day he came in, handed me a book and then sat down with his own to read and wait. I thought it was so thoughtful for him to remember to bring me some readign material that I read the book he brought instead of my usual People Magazine. This actual picture was taken after I was finished and he remained there, I guess to finish reading.

Funny thing is, I can remember doing the same thing to my mom. Only I set on the edge of the tub with my feet on the scale, because they didn't quite reach the ground. (Hard to imagine right) I don't know why it was so fun to sit on the scale..Lord, knows I don't like it anymore! This was exactly where I was sitting when I made thsi famous statement about the Mother's Day gift we got our mom. "Hey, Mom, I am not supposed to tell you but we got you twister beads!" I still have not lived this down even to this day!

Who knows maybe Kaden will reveal some all important secret to me one day..while weighing in ;)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Cinco De Mayo!*Update*

Shake your groove thing!

Time to dance and celebrate!

Bust out the queso and, of course,your hat!

Enjoy our little Mexican Jumping Bean!

I have been tagged

By not-so-eventful

What I was doing ten years ago:
I was about to start my senior year. I was looking good and ready for an exciting year. I was about to become an only child for the first time ever. Little did I know what excitement this year would hold!

5 Things on my To-Do List today:
1. Work (boo!)
2. Call and find out payoff amounts on loans(Blah!)
3. Finish working our budget
4.Cook dinner (check..thank you crock pot)
5. Laundry

5 Places I have traveled:
3.Rome, Italy
5.New York
(I know, I need to get out more!)

5 Snacks or Treats I enjoy:
1.Cookies (ones with chocolate chips)
2.Chips & Queso
3.Granola bars

What would I do if I were a Billionaire?
Tithe, of course. Pay off all of my and my immediate family’s debt. Travel, stay at home and have more babies!

Places I've Lived:
1.Abilene, TX
2.Waco, TX
3.Irving, TX
4.Dallas, TX
5.Fort Worth, TX

Thrilling right!

Jobs I've had:
2.Childcare provider at Southside Baptist Church
3.Childcare provider at two other churches in Waco
4.Assistant to the President's wife at Baylor
5.K and 5th Grade Teacher in Mesquitel ISD
6.K and 5th grade teacher in HEB ISd
7.Administrative Assistant for Brown & Gay Engineers.

5 People I'm Tagging:

Thursday, May 1, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things...

Seeing as how I am excruciating bored I decided to do a little fun blogging. I have seen other people do this and decided it looked pretty fun. So here goes…

My favorite things in no particular order……… Angie Edition

1) Jeans…. I love jeans. I would totally wear them everyday. I love them even more thanks to the best store ever for big boned girls (Lane Bryant)! They are actually long enough, something that I have fought for most of my life. Here is me in my newest pair....LOL!

2) Capris….ok, I know some people think they are tacky…but when it’s hot and your thighs are not conducive to wearing the denim underwear substituting for shorts these days, you got to wear something. In case you didn’t know, I actually invented the crop pant…problem was I wore them way before they were cool.. some people called them high waters.. refer to #1

3) ¾ length shirts…ok I am really not that into clothes but thought it was a great place to start. These are awesome. Not too hot, not too cold and best of all…they do for arms what capri’s do for thighs…cover them up baby! ok not the best example but you get the point.

4) Slippers/ Flip flops. I am rarely found barefoot as my back and feet don’t particularly enjoy me being that way. In the winter I am often seen wearing my red memory foam slippers…fabulous. I have even left the house in them, accidentally, on several occasions. When it is too hot for slippers I switch to Old navy flip flops…perfection!

5) These two, of course!
6) My sissy

7) Phish food. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend you do. It is rather hard to find though. Imagine this if you will. Chocolate ice cream, marshmallow crème, caramel and to top it all off, choclate shaped fish pieces…if you are really luck you might come across the “Surf n turf” version, that has both fish and cow chocolate pieces…clever right?

8) Stupid jokes. Those of you who know me, know that at one point in my life I held the title of pun master. Though my skills are rarely used these days. I still appreciate a silly joke. If you have a good one feel free to share it on my comments. Here is an example for you. How does an Aggie spell farm? E-I-E-I-O! he he

9) Dove Crème Oil body wash. If you too have suffered from the dry skin blues get some of this stuff and make your dreams come true!

10) Gold Bond Ultimate healing lotion with aloe. Again saved my hands form the brutality of winter winds. My hands would actually be so dry they would crack and bleed, this stuff is awesome. Best of all it doesn’t have much of a smell. I am not much of a “perfumie flowery” smell kind of person.

11) Mexican food. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! These are a few of my favorite places to get it. La Hacienda, Joe T. Garcia’s, Pasados, Cantina Laredo and Chrisitna’s. Jon prefers Chinese but because he is the best I often win in the battle of where to eat.

12) Coke Zero. Delicious! I prefer it in a glass with ice. I don’t really like drinking out of cans. I get this from my mom. Something about the metal taste ruins the drink.

13) Chick-Fil-A…..double yum! I wish I owned one.. mostly for all the money they must make from the hoards of people heading in there….. but alas I must settle for enjoying their delicious chicken biscuits.

14) Pedicures! I don’t get to go too often…unlike pampered Princess Meghan but I still enjoy getting them. Try Romie’s across from North Park for a truly amazing experience. Ask for the Baby’s Butt and tell them I sent you.

15) Movies...comedies or chick flicks…never scary! Jon and I are proud members of Blockbuster on-line. Not only do they fill our entertainment needs but they so kindly leave us a message on our answering machine every week to tell us that our movies are overdue. If you haven’t been able to rent a movie because they are all checked out, it is probably our fault. No late fees are greatness..though we too fall victim to the missing movie plague. funny thing is we almost never watch the movies that we get in the mail. We just trade them in instead! silly right!

16) Crock pots. A working mom’s best friend. Put it in when you leave for work and come home to a home cooked meal. I recommend putting it in frozen if you are gone from 7 to 6. Also great for queso. See #11.

17) Chocolate…nuff said!

18) Ok I know I already have lots of clothing items on here but I forgot my pajama staple, pajama pants and tank tops. If you are close you have most definitely seen me wearing these. Some of you who have shown up unrepentantly have probably also seen them. I am a big believe in taking off work clothes ASAP and getting comfortable. I thought these were delightfully tacky!other pic See #8.

19) Playing games. My whole family is a bit competitive. Jon and I must be on the same team, so as to avoid fighting. Here are some favorites!


20) Friends…what would we do without them! Ok, I couldn't find a picture that showed all of my friends. So instead of hurting feelings I decided to just leave off a picture for this one. Besides, you know who you are!