Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Weighing In.....

Kaden is starting to develop some cute little quirks. One of them reminds me a lot of myself at that age. Not that I remember but I have been told.

This picture is something that you might see on any typical day.

Kadne is sitting on the bathroom scale. This is one of his favorite places to be...while we are using the restroom. Sounds silly but he will sit here with his little book and wait patiently for us to finish our business. Even that is dedication.

On this particular day he came in, handed me a book and then sat down with his own to read and wait. I thought it was so thoughtful for him to remember to bring me some readign material that I read the book he brought instead of my usual People Magazine. This actual picture was taken after I was finished and he remained there, I guess to finish reading.

Funny thing is, I can remember doing the same thing to my mom. Only I set on the edge of the tub with my feet on the scale, because they didn't quite reach the ground. (Hard to imagine right) I don't know why it was so fun to sit on the scale..Lord, knows I don't like it anymore! This was exactly where I was sitting when I made thsi famous statement about the Mother's Day gift we got our mom. "Hey, Mom, I am not supposed to tell you but we got you twister beads!" I still have not lived this down even to this day!

Who knows maybe Kaden will reveal some all important secret to me one day..while weighing in ;)

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