Monday, November 9, 2009

Working on Our Letters and Our Dance Moves!

Kaden got this little easel for his birthday and loves practicing his drawing and letters on it.
He has mastered the letter H, his favorite he claims because H is for horse, of course!
tonight we got him to write all the letters of his name but wasn't fast enough with the camera.
I did manage to capture the D! It was the first Grandparents name he learned to say and now to write! D you win again for simplicity!
Kaden's new favorite game is freeze Dance! he always wants to play right after eating, so Mommy usually runs the music :)
Nice moves!
Another D, pink this time!
Spinning with Allison
Jon showing us his Roger Rabbit. When I asked what song to play eh immediately responded with. Well I used to do it to Ice Ice Baby.
Your Wish is my command Vanilla!
Breaking it down!
Crazy Eyes!

By the way, his vast writing knowledge expands to the Greek alphabet as well.
Notice the greek Letter Phi!
Happy writing and Dancing!

Early Bird Thanksgiving

After a discussion on how Thanksgiving food is not nearly prevalent enough we decided to have the First Annual Early Bird Thanksgiving!
The spread......we could have fed an army! My first stab at dressing was a hit!
The crew finishing the prep!
The host and hostest with the mostest!
My prego pal, Kasie and her Hubby Chad! We are two weeks apart!

Jon and I , Kaden, Madison and Becky were also present but somehow failed to make the pictures! I think Nessa got some I will try to get them to add!

Rylie and Landon playing nearby the action. I love Landon's crazy hair!

What a fun friend Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Last Game of the Season...Pirates vs. Rough Riders

Enthusiasm has waned some....
Running home!
His batting skills have improved a great deal! He does still insist on the pink bat!
Speed demon!
Madison at bat
Kaden is sliding here, this dad stepped in the way but you can see him on the ground....

Last hit of the season
High Fives!
Good work Pirates!!

What a fun Season!

Extreme Road Trip: Movies!

Every year our church hosts a community event after Halloween. There is a different theme every year and this year it was movies!
Kaden was super excited!
Ready to go, sporting his Lightening Phone
Big slide!
Jumping around
Making a sand bracelet, this was all in the Lilo and Stitch room!
Ice Age Room! Throw the ring on Manny!
Making an ornament for children's hospital
Fake snow! He found it a bit messy
Animal mask in the Madagascar room
Tossing fish in the potty for Cat In the Hat..luckily he wasn't very good at it!
Racing Daddy in the Cars room
Decorating a car
Willy Wonka Boy
crazy straw!
Yummy Chocolate
Crossing the alligator bridge in Indiana Jones room

Climbing Indiana Jones Wall!
He also got to pet a snake and a hedgehog but the camera died!
We had a great time!

Happy 50th Day of School!

This is his first and last...but what a sweet boy!
Delaney wondering where her tattoo is???

50's girls!

Happy Birthday Jon!

Dear Jon,
We hope you had a happy day! We are so glad that you are our Daddy/Husband!
We love you so much!
Working hard on Daddy's for the cake, one for me....
Sisters enjoying some Pho
Both finally 29!
More sisters! It was Jenny's Birthday too!

How cute!
And many more!