Saturday, November 7, 2009

Extreme Road Trip: Movies!

Every year our church hosts a community event after Halloween. There is a different theme every year and this year it was movies!
Kaden was super excited!
Ready to go, sporting his Lightening Phone
Big slide!
Jumping around
Making a sand bracelet, this was all in the Lilo and Stitch room!
Ice Age Room! Throw the ring on Manny!
Making an ornament for children's hospital
Fake snow! He found it a bit messy
Animal mask in the Madagascar room
Tossing fish in the potty for Cat In the Hat..luckily he wasn't very good at it!
Racing Daddy in the Cars room
Decorating a car
Willy Wonka Boy
crazy straw!
Yummy Chocolate
Crossing the alligator bridge in Indiana Jones room

Climbing Indiana Jones Wall!
He also got to pet a snake and a hedgehog but the camera died!
We had a great time!

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