Monday, November 9, 2009

Working on Our Letters and Our Dance Moves!

Kaden got this little easel for his birthday and loves practicing his drawing and letters on it.
He has mastered the letter H, his favorite he claims because H is for horse, of course!
tonight we got him to write all the letters of his name but wasn't fast enough with the camera.
I did manage to capture the D! It was the first Grandparents name he learned to say and now to write! D you win again for simplicity!
Kaden's new favorite game is freeze Dance! he always wants to play right after eating, so Mommy usually runs the music :)
Nice moves!
Another D, pink this time!
Spinning with Allison
Jon showing us his Roger Rabbit. When I asked what song to play eh immediately responded with. Well I used to do it to Ice Ice Baby.
Your Wish is my command Vanilla!
Breaking it down!
Crazy Eyes!

By the way, his vast writing knowledge expands to the Greek alphabet as well.
Notice the greek Letter Phi!
Happy writing and Dancing!


Jenn Bull said...

What a cutie! By the way, love the "will blog for comments button!"

TracyCakes said...

AWE!! He's getting so big, Angie!! He's going to be such a great big brother!!

Steven and Kristie Lentz said...

Jon has some moves! We have some dance parties of our own around here too, but I'm not brave enough to post them! :)