Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

I have been blessed beyond words to be the Mother of this beautiful boy! I can't imagine life without him!
Though he doesn't really like being posed for pictures
Checking out the bugs
This has become his new smile if asked to say "cheese!"
Looking for fish....
Seriously how sweet is he!
I love you so much Bubba!
The Rhodes'/ Stephens' Family

The Mommys!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ranch Rodeo

Mother's day weekend we traveled to Abilene to attend the ranch rodeo at the Western Heritage Classic.

Kaden is obsessed with horses so he, of course, loved it!
Sweet little cowboy
Waiting for his funnel cake
Yummy but way overpriced! 
$6 for this tiny way!
Where's my horse?
Gitty up!
There was  company that was selling "play" stables and trailers. For a mere $2000 HE could have his own working chute...We are collecting donations ;)
Riding the famous 6 White Horses!
He was the youngest one in line by at least 2 years!
Thanks for taking us D and Papa!

My "Rings"

My sweet boy helping me open my present!
He was such a big help....he knew just what to do.
Pouring them out
Trying them on. He was so excited!

Not the best picture but you get the idea! I also got a gift certificate for a massage!
Thanks for making me a Mommy, Kaden and Daddy ;)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not So Secret Helper

Yesterday Jon took Kaden on a secret Mission to get me a Mother's Day Surprise. When I found out I thought I would look for hints. 
I kept asking him if he got Mommy a surprise and he said "No, no surprise!"
Well after little to no nap, he was rather grumpy after swimming and was just coming off of a fit.
Out of the blue he says :" Mommy, Daddy got you earrings!"
he he........well I guess he officially is paying closer attention than we thought!
Daddy was certain he had no idea ;)
Happy Mother's Day to me!

Ps I am told when I am younger I did something similar. We all went out shopping and as soon as I got home I ran to mom and said. "I am not suppose to tell you, but we got you twister beads!"
I have never lived this down! Glad to see he is following my footsteps!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Walk in the Park....

Sometimes when the weather is right you just got to head out on a path and take your chances

Loaded up and ready to roll
Practicing pouty faces
Running can be so freeing!
A new experience, tasting honeysuckle!
I prefer mine from a bear shaped bottle!
Helping Daddy push
The first animals we encountered on our adventure....we promised animals at the beginning..though we had never been on the trail before but had high hopes.
Kisses for Daddy
A quick swing at the this point we realized we didn't have a clue how far from the starting park we were...
Spying on Daddy
Climbing the wall!
Riding a cougar...who knew they lived in Keller?
Then we found Bears....Sic Em!
Mommy finally gets in a picture with 2 baby bears!
Bye bears!
Now we run into the real wildlife....a frog!
Yes, Daddy picked it out for Frog flu!
Then some ducks and their 5 ducklings!
As we got more lost we found this huge turtle! Again Daddy risks the germs to pick it up. 
**Don't tell but when Kaden and I were trying to see his tail he stuck out his feet and scared daddy who accidently dropped him. There was a small crack...he did jump back in the pond though when we put him down. Hopefully he will be ok! He's no Crocodile Hunter!

We ended up walking for about 2 hours. A wrong turn somewhere made us end up walking down Southlake Boulevard. At one point we ran out of sidewalk and had to offroad for a bit.

We had a great time and wouldn't have changed anything. Next time we are going to try to stay on route or maybe not! 

Every Boy's Favorite Activity!

Kaden has a new passion for digging in the dirt!. He is overcoming his fear of being dirty, sometimes,  and really enjoys it!
Digging deep!
Don't you just love chubby feet!
Some older kids stared this tunnel  and Kaden loved climbing in it!

What a sweet boy, even covered in dirt!