Monday, August 18, 2008

Kaden says

As we were putting Kaden to bed tonight...early because he only took a 30 minute nap at school, Jon was singing to him and brushing his teeth.
He started giggling and then pointed to his chest and said
"I cute!"

Uh-oh he knows! Now we are in trouble!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Greatest Show on Earth!

Last Thursday we took Kaden to see The Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus. I have great memories as a child watching this show and of course the time we went in college.
We had great seats, except for the fact that we got to sit behind the family that doesn't believe in using deo for their BO! I couldn't decide if they or the animal pens smelled worse.
Seriously it was rough.
Though the rings are smaller,and more inflatable, than I remember but it was still a great show! Kaden was impressed and loved seeing all the animals.

Here he is waiting patiently on the steps. We were waiting for the behind the scenes tour of the animals to begin!

Burning off some energy by ...what else...jumping!
Kaden& Jon by an old circus poster

Family photo...Mommy' s hair looks so pretty after the nice light mist.
We were really close to these big guys. Kaden was fascintated and showed them how he can make their sound!
Kaden compared to an elephant foot! Don't worry I am pretty sure it wasn't real....I hope.

Meeting a clown..Kaden was obviously more interested in something over there.....

Mommy and Daddy Clowns!

Kaden wanted it off!
This is the closest we got to a picture of him wearing it!

Just a blonde head in the crowd. He jumped right in and was dancing and having a great time!
This was the pre-show. It was great to see the animals and acts so close
Ever see a $10 snowcone?

Well here you go.
ok, I know it was a souvenir but I did stand a few minutes waiting for the lady to hand me change from my $10 bill. Well it makes a great bowl for eating cereal.
BTW...the snowcone wasn't great. Really icee and most of it ended up in my lap.

How you could you look so tired watching this!

After two hours of circus fun it was time to go! We can't wait to go back!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Guess where we are going tomorrow?

Lions, Tigers and Bears!
Oh, My!

Happy Birthday Becky!

On Sunday we celebrated Becky's 336th and Kaden's 22 month birthday!

This was Kaden's first time at a "chop chop cook in front of you restaurant"

He wasn't a fan when the fire first lit up but enjoyed it for the most part. He especially enjoyed eating Becky's rice and, of course, fried ice cream!

The girls

Kaden & Jenny (Becky's sister) Say cheese!

Trying out some chopsticks.

We were trying to get him to put them in his mouth like a walrus. He almost got it but unfortunately I had already turned the camera off!

Kaden and Issy

Family Picture

Thanks for the fun Becky! and thanks for being born!

Hanging out waiting to leave

Monday, August 11, 2008

22 Woo Hoo!

Well Bubba you are almost 2! Crazy! Here are 22 New things you do or words you say!!

1. If anyone asks you tell them you are “2!”
2. “Seary” you are obsessed with cereal!
3. “Monkey ogurt” Drinkable yogurt still one of your favs, followed closely by Blue, Dora or “Hop, Hop ogurt" (Trix yogurt)
4. You love to watch “Hee Haw” (Shrek) and “Monsers” (Monsters Inc.) and, of course, “Cars!”
5. You love Chuck E. Cheese and call it “Mouse”
6. You love to read Good Night Moon every night and find all the pictures. My favorite part is when you say “Nigh mush”
7. You love piggy back and shoulder rides. I love it when you say “EEE Haw!”
8. We have started working on potty training. You love to tell us “poop potty”, especially in public…though we have found few successes. That’s ok, you are still young. You will sit and sit until a nice red ring forms around your bum!
9. You can almost sing Happy Birthday. Though it always includes Hannah’s name because that is what you learned first.
10. You are an amazing swimmer! I am sad for it to get colder because of this!
11. You love to go to “shursh”. You went to VBS with me last week and kept asking to go back every day!
12. Some new names Emory, Amy, Jenny, Marlene, Cory (Courtney), Cary (Caroline), ott (Scott), Chris, Dusin (Dustin). You have started calling yourself "K-K”...though prefer to call yourself baby most of the time. We are working on that!
13. You love to sleep in your big boy bed. You do so great!
14. You have reverted back to your old ways of not wanting to eat much. We aren’t too worried though, you always have plenty of room for “Ca-cake and ice” too bad you only get it if you have finished your dinner.
15. You love to rock at night. I love this! It is our special time together. It is hard for me to put you in bed! You will say “I rock, I rock!” Yes, you do little man
16. You love to talk on the phone. Your conversations are getting more and more understandable! It has been fun to talk to you while I am at work!
17. You have had so much fun with Daddy this summer. You guys have had some fun adventures and lots of time with each other. He loves you so much, you will never know!
18. You have had many boo boos this summer including a “pool burn” which for some reason you call a “car boo boo”. Kisses usually help!
19. You still dislike tooth brushing most nights but you are getting much better!
20. We are definitely starting to see a two year old attitude sometimes. You are testing us a lot and it is hard to spank or put you in timeout but necessary sometimes. You don’t get very many because “the look” is starting to be more effective. We’ll see!
21. You sat in the barber chair all by yourself...sucker in hand, of course, and got a big boy haircut.
22. You give great hugs and kisses now. We have figured out to say “kiss with lips” or “hug with arms” to get more than just a lean.

Bonus: You will go to your new school in one week! Hopefully you will love it and continue to learn great things! (Mommy may even get to go with you, we will see)

We love you so much big boy! Thanks for being a joy to our and so many lives!
Mommy and Daddy

Getting to Know Us

Found this on blog I stalk. You might already know this stuff but oh, well!

1. Who is your husband? Jon Rhodes
2. How long have you been married? since November 29, 2003...almost 5 years
3. How long did you date? we dated 4 years and 9 months before we got married! High school sweet hearts!
4. How old is your husband? 27....8 weeks younger than me..yes I am a cradle robber
5. Who eats more? usually him
6. Who said "I love you" first? I did! though Jon would swear otherwise. He said I love everything about you, I said I love you. You be the judge!
7. Who is taller? technically him...though if we are wearing shoes we are the same.
8. Who sings better? Me though he tries hard and is so sweet when he sings to Kaden!
9. Who is smarter? hmmmm..We are both smar tin different ways!
10. Whose temper is worse? His.......
11. Who does the laundry? ME!
12. Who takes out the garbage? Usually him but if the health department calls then I will step in ;)
13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?Jon
14. Who pays the bills and manages the budget? I do.
15. Who is better with the computer? Jon is better with some things, I am better with others
16. Who mows the lawn? Jon..yard work is all his!
17. Who does the grocery shopping, cooks dinner and cleans up afterwards? We generally shop together, I cook and he cleans...though sometimes he will cook. Especially this summer since he has been home!
18. Who drives when you are together? Usually Jon! though at times I can get a bit impatient so will take the wheel
19. Who pays when you go out? comes out of the same pot
20. Who is most stubborn? depends....
21. Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? me
22. Whose parents do you see the most? We see them fairly equal depending on the time of year. Lord knows we try! We usually see Jon's more in the summer because they are off work.
23. Who kissed who first? Jon kissed was kind of awful..he's gotten much better with proper training!
24. Who proposed? Jon on the bench at Baylor where we first said I love you.
25. Who is more sensitive? Defiently ME!
26. Who has more siblings? I do...1 sis and 1 bro. Jon has 1 sis!

Hannah's Birthday Take 3!

Finally got a few more pics from Hannah's party! Though I have posted way more than her mother ;)

Yum cake!!!

The love birds ridin' in Hannah's new wagon.

Friday, August 8, 2008

8-8-08 is GREAT!

Wow what a fun date we have today!
Not only is it EXACTLY ONE MONTH until my birthday…hint, hint……
but it also evokes memories of other “fun” dates and numbers.
This post might seem borderline neurotic and I admit that it is….I also must point out that I didn’t not figure out most of these number “puzzles”. That would be my number loving sister and some of them my mom.

I dedicate this post to my OCD counting Sister!

Here are a few interesting number combinations in our family!

Kaden’s Number (10)
-Birthday: 10-10-06 at 10:02…(I was aiming for 10 but I don’t think the doctor believed I was ready yet. Oh well stick with me here!)
-I delivered in birthing room 10
-I was then transferred to room 226. 2+2+6=10!
-If you add my birthdate (8) +Meghan’s (2), you also get 10!

Jon’s Numbers
-Claims to love 8 and 4 since childhood.
-His athletic number was always 8 or 4
-Guess who’s birthday is the 8th? You guessed it, or maybe you read it above… Mine!
-Guess who’s is the 4th? Jon’s! We were definitely destined!
-He also loves 44…Which adds up to well 8, of course!
-Kaden was born in 2006…add them all together you get 2+0+0+6=8
**Now you are catching on!***
-If you add My birthdate (8)+ Jon’s birthdate (4), you get 12…..Guess what the date of our first date was???? Anyone??? You are right! The 12th of March!

-Jon and I’s Anniversary is 11-29-03……11-29=18-3=6….Kaden was born in 2006

Rynders Fam/Angie’s Numbers
Stick with me here….

My family’s birthdates have interesting links as well
-Angie (8)+Meg (2)+ Mark (7)= 17…My mom’s birthdate..add Meg’s again (2)=19….My dad’s birthdate!

-My sister’s favorite number is also 44…same as Jon…strange right. I never knew people who truly loved a number before these two!
-44 also happens to be the year my dad was born!

-My birthday is 9-8-80. I love how I always knew my age, not that I didn’t anyway but it is helpful in labeling pictures, just by looking at the last digit.
-In 1990 you had to start looking at the first and last but still works! 1990=10 years old, 2008=28. Ok, I know this works for the thousands poor in a year ending in 0 but still fun!
-I remember when my birthday was on 9-8-89, it was apalindrome. Strangly enough I remember watching Jay Leno that night and him pointing that out…hey I was only 9!

-Our address in Abilene is 3257. (3+2)=5 (5+2)=7 also 7-5=2 (2+3)=5. Ok, same train different track!

Rhodes’ Family Number!
*Hopefully I am portraying these accurately*
-Richard’s birthday September 21, Dara April 22, Allison March 23…..Jon was due the 24 of October but, as usual, was late! Guess he was waiting for the 4th…so he could be half of 8 or half of 44!

-The Rhodes’ address in 5017. Ok this one is really obscure!
When we started dating my mom was 50…her birth date is the 17 so there you go!

-One of Jon’s Uncles was married on 9-9-99 at 9:09!

Ok I am sure you have had enough by now! Sad that we have had time to come up with these, we will just say it is a good way to keep our minds sharp!

If you had to read these more than once to get the connection, don’t worry, we can’t all be neurotic!

I hope you enjoyed this disturbing celebration of 8-8-08!

What obscurities can you find in you family’s number?

Now for a break from the adding.

Here is Kaden on 10-10-07

And again on 8-8-08

Mouse and Hannah!

Last Saturday night we went back to the "Mouse" as Kaden calls it! Here are a few pics as promised!

Ready to play!

Kaden & Daddy!

Riding with Barney!

Sunday was Hannah's birthday! Here are a few pics! I am still waiting on some more. *hint, hint*

Birthday girl!

Tearing in!

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Brownie Fun!

Last Friday night Aunt Allison and Sissy came over for dinner and to play spades!
Here is Kaden showing Allison how to stir properly.

It is always best to share!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Rockin' New Addition to the Rhodes

Dear Friends and Family,

After many years of thinking, planning, creating and executing. We are proud to launch our very own business.
As many of you know Jon has been creating custom cards, invites and posters for our family for several years. We now have the opportunity to share that with all of you!


Rockin Horse Greetings!

The place to find custom made invites, announcements and cards! This is not your typical slip your picture into a template. Jon takes a great deal of time and passion creating each card from scratch! We do have some ideas posted but welcome your suggestions and ideas in creating something just for you! You can provide us with your pictures and Jon will create a masterpiece! Any occassions are welcome! I like to think of him as "The Ace of Cards".

Jon does for cards what Duff does for Cakes! (ok cheesy but true)

To get this off the ground we are going to need your help! So please post this link on your website, myspace, blogs and anywhere else you can think to put it! Feel free to pass along this email as well.Tell your friends, your doctor, your neighbors or paint it on your garage door...ok maybe not there.

We can ship the cards anywhere. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes or in a digital format if you prefer to use stamp free emailing!

Thank you for supporting us in this Endeavor. Jon has put in a great deal of effort designing these cards and the website itself. I am just trying to help with promoting it and then organizing the thousands of orders we will be getting!

Please pray for us as we begin this new business!

PS Those of you featured on the website! Thanks! Those of you that aren't........ well let's get designing!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rhodes Look-alike Meter

MyHeritage: Family tree - Genealogy - Celebrity - Collage - Morph

New Endeavor!

No, we didn't get a new car

but we are starting a new endeavor in the Rhodes family.
More information to come.

Here is a hint!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Monday!

We had an eventful weekend of another trip to "Mouse" AKA Chuck E. Cheese. We also got to celebrate Hannah's 1st brithday! More on that later!

Here are some cute pictures taken at D and Papa' s house a few weeks ago to brighten your and my day!

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Splash Park!

I discovered there is a splash park in Haltom City just a few miles from us! We decided to take Kaden last night for a change in pace of water activities and he had a great time!

I love this picture. He is tasting the water, but let's pretend he is blowing me a big kiss ;)

Having fun!

Getting used to the water. It only took a few minutes and he went in head first!

Being Silly!

Kaden and Jon be nimble,

Kaden and Jon be quick!

This sprayer became his favorite, though he did ease himself in at first because it was spraying pretty hard. Periodically they would shutoff and he would say, "where water go?" until they came back on.

Where is Mommy? There she is!
I know his eyes are closed but I thought this was funny! What a ham!

Jelly fish attack! These sprayers were really cool how they released a bubble of water, he loved it!
As has become the trend

Water Play="Co-Cones"!

Here we are waiting patiently for Daddy to bring our "co-cone"

Seriously what is taking so long!

**** Warning the following conversation contains "vulgar" material***
This took place while eating our snowcones on the way home!

A: Is that good snowcone?

K: Cocone! More cocone!

(I give him a bite)

K: "f*ck" "f*ck" "f*ck"

A: (In shock, can't respond for a second) slight chuckle...chocking on snowcone WHAT DID YOU SAY!

K: "f*ck" (points to spoon)
A: Oh, Fork! No baby this is a spoon!

**Note to self, work on "R" sound!***

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