Monday, August 11, 2008

22 Woo Hoo!

Well Bubba you are almost 2! Crazy! Here are 22 New things you do or words you say!!

1. If anyone asks you tell them you are “2!”
2. “Seary” you are obsessed with cereal!
3. “Monkey ogurt” Drinkable yogurt still one of your favs, followed closely by Blue, Dora or “Hop, Hop ogurt" (Trix yogurt)
4. You love to watch “Hee Haw” (Shrek) and “Monsers” (Monsters Inc.) and, of course, “Cars!”
5. You love Chuck E. Cheese and call it “Mouse”
6. You love to read Good Night Moon every night and find all the pictures. My favorite part is when you say “Nigh mush”
7. You love piggy back and shoulder rides. I love it when you say “EEE Haw!”
8. We have started working on potty training. You love to tell us “poop potty”, especially in public…though we have found few successes. That’s ok, you are still young. You will sit and sit until a nice red ring forms around your bum!
9. You can almost sing Happy Birthday. Though it always includes Hannah’s name because that is what you learned first.
10. You are an amazing swimmer! I am sad for it to get colder because of this!
11. You love to go to “shursh”. You went to VBS with me last week and kept asking to go back every day!
12. Some new names Emory, Amy, Jenny, Marlene, Cory (Courtney), Cary (Caroline), ott (Scott), Chris, Dusin (Dustin). You have started calling yourself "K-K”...though prefer to call yourself baby most of the time. We are working on that!
13. You love to sleep in your big boy bed. You do so great!
14. You have reverted back to your old ways of not wanting to eat much. We aren’t too worried though, you always have plenty of room for “Ca-cake and ice” too bad you only get it if you have finished your dinner.
15. You love to rock at night. I love this! It is our special time together. It is hard for me to put you in bed! You will say “I rock, I rock!” Yes, you do little man
16. You love to talk on the phone. Your conversations are getting more and more understandable! It has been fun to talk to you while I am at work!
17. You have had so much fun with Daddy this summer. You guys have had some fun adventures and lots of time with each other. He loves you so much, you will never know!
18. You have had many boo boos this summer including a “pool burn” which for some reason you call a “car boo boo”. Kisses usually help!
19. You still dislike tooth brushing most nights but you are getting much better!
20. We are definitely starting to see a two year old attitude sometimes. You are testing us a lot and it is hard to spank or put you in timeout but necessary sometimes. You don’t get very many because “the look” is starting to be more effective. We’ll see!
21. You sat in the barber chair all by yourself...sucker in hand, of course, and got a big boy haircut.
22. You give great hugs and kisses now. We have figured out to say “kiss with lips” or “hug with arms” to get more than just a lean.

Bonus: You will go to your new school in one week! Hopefully you will love it and continue to learn great things! (Mommy may even get to go with you, we will see)

We love you so much big boy! Thanks for being a joy to our and so many lives!
Mommy and Daddy

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Emily K. said...

Hi, Y'all looked familiar too, and I think we were in the Newlywed class at PCBC together for a while. Kaden is so cute!