Sunday, September 28, 2008

Angie's Birthday!

SO I am behind I know it. Turns out having to actually work at your job really hinders your blogging time.

Here I am about to blow out my candle.

Here I am pretending that I got to blow it out, though Kaden actually got to it first.

All the girls. Thanks also to Dustin, Scott and Jon for coming!

Yummy cake!

Kaden and Hannah entertaining themselves on the stairs

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Labor Day

Hannah and her parents came to see us for Labor Day! We had lots of fun hanging out! We even took a bath together..scandulous I know!

Reading with Issy!

Bath time!

Silly Hannah!

Kaden with crazy hair!

Story time!

Kaden's First attend!

My cousin Carson got married back in August. Here are some shots of the fun!

The Bride and Groom, Carson and Candace

The family after the ceremony. Kaden made it through about10 minuites before he joined Daddy outside.

Mommy doing her favorite thing at a wedding..serving cake..woo hoo

Waiting for Grub!
Kaden got his food early..lucky!

Kaden decided he enjoyed being on the other side of the camera!

Kisses for Grammy!

Watch out boys, Meg caught the bouquet!
Thanks for inviting me!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

First Day at school

These are pics of Kaden from his first day of "school".

This was the week before "real school" started. Breakfast of champions!

This is the first real day of school

Still too early!

So big!

He still cries when I leave him but his teachers assure me it is just long enough to make me feel guilty. He is quite the leader but is also picking up some "nice" two year old habits from others.

He can count to 10 and loves to teach us all of his new songs!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Zach and Christopher!

Last Sunday we got the honor of keeping these two cuties!

Here are some shots of the boys playing!

"I hold Kiss-toph-er"

Sweet Kisses!

The cows!

They were more interested in playing with the water that leaked out of the cup!


Issy's Birthday!

Good food and fun at Cheesecake factory!

Rhodes' family "cheesy" picture!

Issy's cheesecake....

Kaden got the "free bday dessert" to practice blowing out. He is fully prepared for his birthday!

The girls..and Kaden.

We lined up to take this picture and he jumped right in. He is finally learning!

Happy 29th Issy we love you!

Don't worry still 1 more year until 30!

Sprinkles cupcakes. Don't worry it was a different day!

Monday, September 8, 2008


I know it has been forever!
Here's why

1. I quit my job, I am no longer Brown & Gay. I am teaching a K/1st pslit class at Kaden's school. It is a private Chrisitan school and I have 12 students. So far I am loving it. I know never say never.

2. Jon's car died...completely...we were a one car family for a week. Thank goodness I wasn't working downtown! My new job is less than 5 minutes away. Also greatness!

3. One week later...the day before we got our replacement car battery died. This was two weeks in a row that Jon and Meghan sat in the FLo Mo parking lot waiting for a tow.

4. My cousin got married so Kaden got to attend his first wedding. Pics later.

5. Meghan had her birthday! Yeah Happy birthday older sister!

6. I am having my birthday today!

Pictures later I promise!

Kaden says:
Jon was spiking Kdaen's hair yesterday.
When he finished, Kaden looked in the mirror and said " I cool dude!"