Monday, August 24, 2009

!st day of school!

Walking into school at 7 AM this is the best I could get!
Checking out his new big boy room!
Eating breakfast in the big cafeteria! He wasn't so sure when I left him but he calmed down pretty quick, as usual he just likes to make me feel bad!

Kaden loves his new big boy 3 year old class. going potty all by himself, staying dry at nap and helping the teacher.
This morning during circle time the other kids were playing around and he told them "You guys need to be quiet." Love it!

Here is Maddie Girl in her big girl uniform!

Welcome back school!

New us!

Last week I took my kids from school on a field trip to a park we had never explored. So, of course, I had to bring my little man there too!
I thought he looked so big in these pictures!
he loved this thing! Don't worry Daddy was holding him!
Sweet boy! After about 3 rides his hands were hurting!
Digging in the sand. Mark and Meghan made me cry growing up by sitting on something similar and saying they were going to bury me...I cried because I believed them!
Swinging boy! This week he was particularly attached to his baseball hat!
Driving the GIANT tractor!
Listening to some guys daughter talk in the whisper tube...don't worry he was friendly and we were close by :)
One last bounce and drink of our nice warm milk.....Don't worry we threw it away before we left.

fun times, new park...we will be back!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sneak Peek!

I can't believe he is almost 3!
So sweet!
Jon made me this bear for our first Christmas together. I have had his picture taken with it several times!

Ride Em cowboy

New glove!
Adorable!!!!! I love this little guy so much!

Sorry for the poor quality.......don't ask :)

What Is Kaden Doing?

Is he calling to a wild animal?
Is he throwing a almost-3 year old fit????
No, no...don't be silly! he is perfectly happy!
He was calling for the club know...oh, you don't?
Well watch Channel 44 at 7:30 AM and you will know.....
Who knows, You might even learn the hot dog dance!
Looks something like this.....only not nearly as cute!

My two "Toodles"!
Come inside it's fun inside!

Side Note: Kaden wanted to rent Bambi II last week. He is living with is dad and learning to be Prince of the Forest.
Yes, Bambi is a boy..........Sorry if I just rocked your world.....
His dad is teaching him to survey the forest. He tells him to feel the forest so he knows how to tell what is going on around him...
Kaden was also yelling this from his tree house slide...
"Feel the forest, feel the forest." he would repeat it over and over!

Over the Top!

Continuing our new tradition from last year we were all awaiting the arrival of the Ringling brothers Circus!
This year we invited the Morrison Family, Issy and Aunt Allison to join us!
We started things off with dinner at Corner Bakery. No crowds and cheaper than a $6 overcooked corndog at the circus.
These were their "camera" Say Cheese or lose an EYE!
Best part of the clown noses!
Clown girls!
Clown Fam!
Not clown fam..but they are still cute!
Ready for some animals!
Kaden was distraught because he was watching the dogs perform with their goat friends and I wanted him to smile for a picture. Obviously I had lost my mind.
Meg and I will start training immediately for this act. They could use a sister hand balancing act don't you think.
Ringmaster Issy!
On our first bathroom break Issy and I saw this hat attached to a bag of cotton candy. Does it get any better?
Cool Pilot Clown
Ryan this pic...thanks for being a good sport!
Maddie clown....hope none of us had lice...hmmmmm
As we were herded into the stands we saw this lonely pony begging to be ridden.
Kaden wore the hat for almost the entire circus! It was so hillarious!
Kaden talked Issy into this light up sword...raise your hand if you are surprised?? No One? Didn't think so!
Mommy and Daddy clown!
Impressive right..I can hardly get my 5 and 6 year olds to sit!
Madison is pretty much done but is enjoying herself....

What a Fun Night! Can't wait for next year!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Hannah Grace!

Our 2nd Hannah Birthday of the weekend was for Hannah Grace Alban!
Here is the birthday girl anxiously tearing into her gifts!
Princess Hannah!
After some yummy snacks and pizza we headed over to a splash pad by their house
Kaden jumped right in...Hannah walked the edge for a little while so she could warm up to it
Water Boy!
Kaden gets tackled by a little boy running with the same ferver as him!

The girls, Caroline, Meg, Courtney and Me!
You can't tell but this is quite high in the air and yes he climbed right out on it!
walking home, thanks for the lift Daddy!

Sorry there are no more pictures...when we got back and got ready for cake I suddenly got something in my eye. I spent the rest of the party trying to get some relief.
Half a bottle of eye drops later, we got home and my pupil was completely dilated...
and there was till something in there.
Luckily the next morning it was better!
So sorry I have no cake picture but
Happy Birthday Hannah Grace!