Wednesday, April 8, 2009

E-sir Eggs!

All two year olds need to be exposed to as much highly concentrated dye as possible...right?
After talking him out of putting them in the bathtub, we decided to color some "E-sir" eggs!

Matching the colors
Stirring them up to make them bright!
Issy lending a hand with PPaw looking on!
Mommy likes this one because she looks to get me more shirts like this ;)
The finished product!

Beautiful right...though since we used new eggs they were a pain to peel...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hoppy Easter!

We once again trekked to Dallas to visit the bunny man! He was rather stingy this year and put the pictures on textured paper so the scan is a little messy! However, he is still adorable!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Botanical Gardens

We headed out to the botanical gardens with PPaw today. The weather and the flowers were gorgeous!
Mommy, Issy and Kaden served as the photographic subjects as well!

Dad and daughters

Silly boy!

We were telling PPaw to tell KAden there was an animal on his head to get him to look. 
We usually say bird... sounds reasonable right? 
PPaw said "Look Kaden uhhhhhh....."
 The pause was forever and Kaden had long lost interest.
Finally he comes up with elephant. Meg and I thought it was hillarious...obviously!

Kisses for Mommy!
Pretty Issy!
His favorite part...the turtles, of course!

Let's go fly a kite!

He may not look too excited about it here but Kaden was super excited about his new Buz Lightyear kite!
Let's go Issy!

He loved chasingit!
Charlie Brown pose
Here he is doing pretty good. Then he let go and we chased it down the street, then I pulled it out of the storm drain. Good thing the 12 foot tail got caught on a tumble weed so that I could pull it out!
Little swinging before we left!

Issy trying to control Buz!
How else can you have so much fun for $1!

New Park, New Shirts

This monstrosity can be found at a park in Keller that we discovered this week!
As you can see Kaden loves it!
We also got some new shirts so had to get some shots to put up on the website....they give you credit for posting photos of you wearing them..
Captain Meghan
Hanging around!
My pirate face
Sweet boy!
The Threadless Family
Jon on the giant fish!
Push me Issy!
Afterwards we headed Carvel to hit up the Sprinkle Tower
Mommy gets some pink "sinkles"
He had to have some of each color!
"Sinkles" are the best!

What a fun night!

3D Mania!

Last week we went to see Monsters Vs. Aliens. It was cool but by accident we ended up in the 3D one. Jon and I loved it. 
This picture was the only time Kaden would put the glasses on. 
It was before the movie started. 
He refused to wear them the rest of the time and therefore watched it all blurry. 
He still watched the whole thing and loved it!

Ice cream Man, Ice Cream Man!!!!!

Nothing says summer is coming but an ice cream covered face! We stood by the truck for forever and he swore he would rather have fruit snacks. finally we chose superman...which he loved! Though he liked the gum most of all!
Daddy got Ninja Turtle.... He says his favorite part is the gum...not sure why...but he shared his with his son. What a good Daddy!
New Threadless shirts...Daddy is rather obsessed with that site.
It was delicious!

The aftermath!
See you soon Mr. Ice Cream Man!