Saturday, November 15, 2008

Top 25 Phrases for 25 months

(Also featuring photos from Baylor Homecoming 2008, Kaden's 3rd year in attendace!)

1. I do it myself
2. No, my turn
3. Cup lid, LID!
4. I do it myself
5. I snap it (his car seat)
6. Don't get me!

7. No bite!
8. No hit!
9. I ov you too!

10. No kiss me!
11. I poopy!
12. Diaper change, no no diaper change! (he often makes a request and them immediately changes his mind!
13. I want cold eggs
14. Diego snacks!
15. a mission a mission! Pat pat..blast off!
16. no!!!!
17. I touch that
18. Where_____ go?
19. No touch my body (I know right??)
20. Sing____, Krissy do it (that's his teacher)I Honey honey song (from Mama Mia)
21. I bath
22. No shoes!
23. No!
24. I potty (Kaden do you want to go potty?) NO!
and the 25th most uttered phrase is....

No get me, I do it myself!!!!!!!!!!

Mister independent must climb into the car, carseat and snap it himself if you wish to avoid a fit. Sometimes he is super fast..other times he takes his sweet time! I now know why it sometimes takes people so long to back out of a parking spot. There two year old must be loading himself.

We love you Bubba!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Kaden's 2nd Birthday Party!

For your viewing pleasure...a montage of the fun!
Thanks to all who came! We had a blast and hope to see you again next year!
Thanks also to all who dressed up....especially Becky, truly above and beyond ;)