Saturday, November 15, 2008

Top 25 Phrases for 25 months

(Also featuring photos from Baylor Homecoming 2008, Kaden's 3rd year in attendace!)

1. I do it myself
2. No, my turn
3. Cup lid, LID!
4. I do it myself
5. I snap it (his car seat)
6. Don't get me!

7. No bite!
8. No hit!
9. I ov you too!

10. No kiss me!
11. I poopy!
12. Diaper change, no no diaper change! (he often makes a request and them immediately changes his mind!
13. I want cold eggs
14. Diego snacks!
15. a mission a mission! Pat pat..blast off!
16. no!!!!
17. I touch that
18. Where_____ go?
19. No touch my body (I know right??)
20. Sing____, Krissy do it (that's his teacher)I Honey honey song (from Mama Mia)
21. I bath
22. No shoes!
23. No!
24. I potty (Kaden do you want to go potty?) NO!
and the 25th most uttered phrase is....

No get me, I do it myself!!!!!!!!!!

Mister independent must climb into the car, carseat and snap it himself if you wish to avoid a fit. Sometimes he is super fast..other times he takes his sweet time! I now know why it sometimes takes people so long to back out of a parking spot. There two year old must be loading himself.

We love you Bubba!

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