Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Heading home

On Sunday we played a trivia game I won 1st place! I won this awesome ship on a stick! Later we gave it to Kaden and he looked at it in both ahh and wonder as to what in the world it was!

Jon got 2nd place and won this sweet medal...I let him hold my ship too...I felt bad for the guy losing by 2 points.

Jon then wanted to watch the Kamikaze karaoke and then, of course, got chosen to sing Boot Scootin' Boogie!

But as was traditional he had to dance first. He tore up the floor! HE is amazingly an awesome dancer!

We tried our luck at the $5000 Bingo. My ship was my good luck charm....didn't work though....bummer!

We wrapped up our night with more karaoke watching, and then a comedian. Many people around us recognized Jon from his earlier performance and told him they loved it. He didn't do an encore though!

WE of course got into Galveston much later than our original 8AM arrival time so we got an extra half day to sleep in and hang out!

Coming into port!

More wind!

The dolphins came in to welcome us back to Texas!
There were lots!

We finally got to our car around 3:30 and after another stop at Buc-ees for some buring hot burritos we got home around 10:00!

Lots of food and fun! Can't wait to go again!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 2: We arrive in Cozumel the 1st time!

At last we arrived in Cozumel, about an hour late, we found this to be pretty common;Carnival time we called it.
Here we are waiting to go on our excursion. We went to a close-by resort for snorkeling, food, drinks and relaxing!

Feet in the sand...the water was beautiful!

Jon getting all suited up. I was already out in the water!

Friendly fish. This was out first time snorkeling and it was a lot of fun! I still wore my motion-sickness bracelets though, don't worry!

Scuba Jon

Self portrait

Scuba Angie, this was actually the other Carnival boat that was there but close enough.

Underwater explorer

Scuba Angie

Going to school...he he

After all that hard work it was time for a snack of some awesome guacamole!

And chips and salsa!

Then we headed for a dip in the freshwater pool. Little blurry but that's what you get from a throw away camera!

Then more relaxing in the hammocks, didn't last too long for me...too much swaying already!

Jon had a nice long nap there though!

Back on the boat and all cleaned up!

We say good-bye to Cozumel for the first time......

Gorgeous! Difficult to take pictures on a trip for 2, check out the wind as we pulled out!

Eat your heart out Leo!

A little while after this, 2 hours, we were playing cards when the boat started really rocking. A little while later they came on and said we were turning around for Cozumel due to a medical emergency. We later found out that a ladies appendix burst. Obviously our schedule was now way off.
Trying out luck at the slots!Penny slots that is! So serious!

Doing much better....by the end of the trip I had won $100 on penny slots..Jon lost it all!

Jon spent a good deal of time doing this. We split a drink pass so he would get himself a drink then go back a littel while later and get me one. This bar was particularily slow at serve non-alcoholic customers!

Jon was chosen to dance at dinner this night! They did the Slumdog Millionaire dance...very entertaining.

Nice moves, that was our waitress dancing by him.

Arriving back in Cozumel....it was super humid and hot this time. A boat pulled up along side of us and then they transferred the lady and we were off.

This was our towel buddy this night.....kind of creepy but cool

Good night! See you tomorrow!

Kaden-isms *UPDATE*

The other day we were driving in the car and Kaden was telling me what he and Daddy did that day. Jon said he took him up to school with him and that they raced. I turned around to Kaden and said "Who won?" He smiled big and pointed to himself.
Then he said "I beat Daddy and I even slowed down!" LOL!!!

Yesterday we were driving yet again and I told Kaden he was the silliest boy I knew.
He said " I not silly, I precious. Issy say so!"
So true, so true.

After staying with D for a few days K now finishes most sentences with "That sound like a plan?"
The other day we told him he was going to take a nap and then go see Hannah. He started pouting and said "That does not sound like a plan!"

Kaden said "hey, hey" trying to get out attention and Meghan replied "yes".
K said "shhh, I talking to Mama"
Sassy pants!

There are many more hillariou phrased he is using. I will try to put them up as they occur. He cracks us up all of the time!

BTW he is successfully potty trained during the day! WOO HOO!

When Kaden was at church with us a couple of Sundays ago, he met a man that was a good friend to Jon when he was little. We were talking with him and he commented, "He's a doll" to which Kaden replied rather quizically, "I not a doll, I a kid"!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 1: Hitting the road!

We headed out the day before we were leaving so that we could make sure we got there on time!
We stayed with my friend from Brown & Gay, Lauren! She was the best thing about that job!
for 198 miles we watched for signs for this place! We of course had to stop and it is the best convenient store ever!!! HUGE and has everything from a general store, to homemade fudge, beef jerkey the list goes on and on. Best of all it had awesome huge clean bathrooms!
Or maybe the best part was the giant animatronic beaver!
The next morning we headed to Galveston and got on the boat early to enjoy the first of many buffets!
Since the embarkment photo is rather cheesy we decided to roll with it!
We toured the boat a bit....
Self portrait!
The snazzy Blue Sapphire lounge
Then a little mini golf. It was blazing hot and yes this was the more appropriate shot I took of Jon....
Time for the safety drill....we had to try out our vests.....excuse the reflective tape...
Yeah I don't know either....
Just hanging out.....
We ate saw a show and then I was knocked out my my Bonine and in bed by 10..party animals!

Our first towel animal..a snail!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Jumping at Boomerangs!

After too long of a hiatus from seeing Madison we headed out for an evening of jumping! We decided to check out Boomerang's as we had never been there and it is cheaper than Let's Jump. In my opinion not as much fun because adults have to pay...but they had fun!
Wait for it....
Look Lightening!
Checking out some treasure!
Racing a another girl while we waited for Madison!
Crash landing..he is so dramatic!
Pirate shirt, pirate boat...nice!

they tried to go for a ride but it was broken..oh well next time!
thanks for playing Maddie!