Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Heading home

On Sunday we played a trivia game I won 1st place! I won this awesome ship on a stick! Later we gave it to Kaden and he looked at it in both ahh and wonder as to what in the world it was!

Jon got 2nd place and won this sweet medal...I let him hold my ship too...I felt bad for the guy losing by 2 points.

Jon then wanted to watch the Kamikaze karaoke and then, of course, got chosen to sing Boot Scootin' Boogie!

But as was traditional he had to dance first. He tore up the floor! HE is amazingly an awesome dancer!

We tried our luck at the $5000 Bingo. My ship was my good luck charm....didn't work though....bummer!

We wrapped up our night with more karaoke watching, and then a comedian. Many people around us recognized Jon from his earlier performance and told him they loved it. He didn't do an encore though!

WE of course got into Galveston much later than our original 8AM arrival time so we got an extra half day to sleep in and hang out!

Coming into port!

More wind!

The dolphins came in to welcome us back to Texas!
There were lots!

We finally got to our car around 3:30 and after another stop at Buc-ees for some buring hot burritos we got home around 10:00!

Lots of food and fun! Can't wait to go again!

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The Adams said...

Looks like fun! I am so jealous of your ship on a stick. :)