Friday, July 24, 2009

Kaden and Jon go to Abilene

I have more pics form 4th of July but they are on Meg's camera. You see Jon took the camera home from the parade at school and some how it fell out of his pocket and into the chair. We didn't find it until right before he left for Abilene when he discovered his debti card was also missing!
anyway Jon's Aunt and Uncle were here from Lousiana, see above, so he and Kaden headed out to see them. I had to
Jon and GG
Emory and Amy also came along
Posing in the backyard
Matching pants Allison got them
Checking out the fish....
Don't tell Madison or Hannah!
I swear he is adorable right!
Crazy kids!
When in Abilene we must pose on Papa Jack's donkey!
I love this face..makes you wonder what he is thinking...
Feeling patriotic
Swimming in the big tub...some of you might recognize this as the container that held drinks at our wedding.
Splashing with D
1 Man in a tub....

The Stevens/Rhodes Family..Jon had headed back already, K stayed an extra day with Allison
looks like a good time had by all, sorry I missed it!

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