Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 1: Hitting the road!

We headed out the day before we were leaving so that we could make sure we got there on time!
We stayed with my friend from Brown & Gay, Lauren! She was the best thing about that job!
for 198 miles we watched for signs for this place! We of course had to stop and it is the best convenient store ever!!! HUGE and has everything from a general store, to homemade fudge, beef jerkey the list goes on and on. Best of all it had awesome huge clean bathrooms!
Or maybe the best part was the giant animatronic beaver!
The next morning we headed to Galveston and got on the boat early to enjoy the first of many buffets!
Since the embarkment photo is rather cheesy we decided to roll with it!
We toured the boat a bit....
Self portrait!
The snazzy Blue Sapphire lounge
Then a little mini golf. It was blazing hot and yes this was the more appropriate shot I took of Jon....
Time for the safety drill....we had to try out our vests.....excuse the reflective tape...
Yeah I don't know either....
Just hanging out.....
We ate saw a show and then I was knocked out my my Bonine and in bed by animals!

Our first towel animal..a snail!

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