Monday, July 27, 2009

Kaden-isms *UPDATE*

The other day we were driving in the car and Kaden was telling me what he and Daddy did that day. Jon said he took him up to school with him and that they raced. I turned around to Kaden and said "Who won?" He smiled big and pointed to himself.
Then he said "I beat Daddy and I even slowed down!" LOL!!!

Yesterday we were driving yet again and I told Kaden he was the silliest boy I knew.
He said " I not silly, I precious. Issy say so!"
So true, so true.

After staying with D for a few days K now finishes most sentences with "That sound like a plan?"
The other day we told him he was going to take a nap and then go see Hannah. He started pouting and said "That does not sound like a plan!"

Kaden said "hey, hey" trying to get out attention and Meghan replied "yes".
K said "shhh, I talking to Mama"
Sassy pants!

There are many more hillariou phrased he is using. I will try to put them up as they occur. He cracks us up all of the time!

BTW he is successfully potty trained during the day! WOO HOO!

When Kaden was at church with us a couple of Sundays ago, he met a man that was a good friend to Jon when he was little. We were talking with him and he commented, "He's a doll" to which Kaden replied rather quizically, "I not a doll, I a kid"!!!


The Adams said...

so sweet!

The Cochran Fam said...

Love it! After reading yours, I had to post my own!