Wednesday, October 29, 2008

State Fair

This year we finally got the chance to go to the state fair with Kaden. It took us a while to get a parking spot but it was a good one and we had a fun time!

We tried the fare at the fair

We saw the animals...but didn't want our picture taken


Kaden kept telling this camel "No, bite!"

We fed the animal...well mostly the ground...

We rode the gondola! It was awesome!
Kaden said " I flyin'!

And, of course, we saw Big Tex!

See Ya'll Next Year!

The Godfather...the remake

Jon thought he was clever and took these shots as a reinactment of the movie.

Really the head just wasn't attache dyet to Kaden's new horse!

Giddy up Horsey!

Now that's better!

Johnson Park

"Et me out!"

This is Kaden and my favorite after school spot! These are a few pictures of him in action at this awesome park!

"I swingin'!"

A Shower for Amanda

A few weeks ago we celebrated Amanda's upcoming nuptuals with a shower!
Good times were had by all!


The Bride...Love the china!

The spread

Mother-of-the bride

Part of the bridesmaids!
Can't wait girl! See ya November 22!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


This past Sunday I fulfilled a chidlhood dream. I got to attend the New Kids on the Block Concert. We had so much fun! It was a combo lingerie and bachelorette party for Amanda as well.
The guys played all of the oldies and some of their new ones. They look and sound better than ever! The AAC was packed and it was really fun to remember my 3rd grade obsession. I had a Joey shirt. I photocopied the fae on the front and duct taped them all over my room. Fun times1

We, of course, wore full on 80's attire!

Amanda and Stephanie

Yeah I look hot!

Sadly the jeans Bceky is wearing were still owned by Jon's family!

Work out queen Meg!

Yellin' for the boys!

We stood in line for this picture. When it was finally our turn there were at least 15 cameras taking our picture. We also had several people ask to take pictures with us and many more that snapped shots with their camera phones.
It was a lot of fun to break out our true eighties spirit!
I have more picsto add later!
NKOTB "We'll be loving you forever!!"

Monday, October 20, 2008

Kaden's Big Week!

Kaden spent the week with Grammy and had a great time.

He spent the days with Grammy and then one night went to feed the ducks with Bubba.

Not so sure..they turned out to actually be giant geese!

Getting braver....
Helping Sherry

Giddy up Horsey!

Thanks for taking me Sherri and Bubba!

After an evening of finger painting with my brother Kaden decided to try a new pallet
**I haven't gotten pictures of that yet btu am told he went though half a roll of paper towels. The boy doesn't liek dirty fingers.***
Grammy's fireplace!OOPS!

See the stick figure...

Notice how he colored inside the basket...impressive right.
oh, and of course he couldn't leave out the chair.

Thanks for not being mad Grammy! I know now to color on paper..hopefully!
he went to the zoo also but haven't gotten those pics either. *hint,hint*
Thanks for having me!

Trying to catch up!

So much going on so little time to blog! I will try to catch up but things will not be in order and they probably won't be cropped and nice and neat. oh, well such is life!

Here we are on Kaden's actualy birthday at Chuck E. Cheese.

My cousins came and meet us. It was great to see them again!

Kaden and Uncle Bubba

Showing Grammy how to drive.

Sherri and Mark practice their aim.

Kaden singing to himself. Apparently we took too long to start....

Ready to blow! Let's eat!

Silly Daddy!

My big two year old boy!

The whole group!

As Kaden says, "Thank you for comin'!"