Thursday, October 9, 2008

Terrific Twos! (Mostly)


Our precious baby boy..I mean big boy… how can it be true that you are turning two! I never imagined 2 years ago that you would grow up so quickly. Everyday you do or say something amazing and we love you so much!

Brand New!

Day 2

You are Mr. Popular at school. Even the other teachers like to get a smile from you every morning.

1 Month

13 Months

You are such a loved boy, I don’t know if you will ever even realize. You make us laugh, and sometimes cry.
2 Months

14 Months

You are usually well behaved and will snap out of a fit with a tickle..well most of the time. You do know how to find your timeout chair all by yourself now.

3 Months

15 Months

You are not a morning person. (That comes form Daddy) We have learned to let you get yourself up and it seems to work much better.

4 Months

16 Months

You love to have 8 Little Monkeys, Peggy Pig’s Dirty and Good Night Moon to be read…pretty much every night! I have them memorized and am working on widening your horizon in literature. We read a truck book tonight! Whew!

5 Months

17 Months

Your eating habits are hit or miss but your favorites these days are eggs, cheese, any fruit, tortillas, chips and your all time favorite chicken and fries. We try to limit the fries though.
You love to sing and dance. Your favorite songs these days include ABC’s (your favorite part is G,H,I,J) someday you will figure out to keep on going but it’s great for now. You also love the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

6 Months

18 Months

You even know most of the motions. Old Macdonald is still up there and you also enjoy Happy Birthday, we have sure gotten to sing it a lot this fall! It is of course followed with a hearty blow as you blow out candles imaginary or not!

7 Months

19 Months

You are quite polite and almost always remember to say thank you or please. You even told everyone at your party “Thank you for comin’”.

8 Months

20 Months

You love Chuck E. Cheese and recently got to meet Shamu. You weren’t so sure about him in person but you certainly have talked about him non-stop ever since!

9 Months

21 Months

You love Let’s jump and we were so glad to have your party there for you and your friends!

10 Months

22 Months

There are no words to express the joy you bring to the lives of Daddy and Me.

11 Months

23 Months

We love you more each day! We pray that you will continue to grow as a loving, caring sweet boy. We are so proud of you!

12 Months

24 Months!

Happy Birthday Kaden Jon Rhodes!
We love you more than all the “tars” in the sky!
Mommy and Daddy

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