Monday, October 20, 2008

Kaden's Big Week!

Kaden spent the week with Grammy and had a great time.

He spent the days with Grammy and then one night went to feed the ducks with Bubba.

Not so sure..they turned out to actually be giant geese!

Getting braver....
Helping Sherry

Giddy up Horsey!

Thanks for taking me Sherri and Bubba!

After an evening of finger painting with my brother Kaden decided to try a new pallet
**I haven't gotten pictures of that yet btu am told he went though half a roll of paper towels. The boy doesn't liek dirty fingers.***
Grammy's fireplace!OOPS!

See the stick figure...

Notice how he colored inside the basket...impressive right.
oh, and of course he couldn't leave out the chair.

Thanks for not being mad Grammy! I know now to color on paper..hopefully!
he went to the zoo also but haven't gotten those pics either. *hint,hint*
Thanks for having me!

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