Thursday, August 13, 2009

All Decked Out

when I told Jon that I had signed Kaden up for T-ball he had one rule....
He said "I get to buy his gear."
My reply was " My job is to get him there and tear up as he holds that big ol' bat. You know I know nothing about sports!" The first time I even saw a jock strap was an unfortunate scene in The hangover.
He said (sorry D) "Good because my mom would try to go to Walmart and buy me the cheap crappy stuff and I hated it"
That leads us to this post...
New glove, pretty new hat and even a practice tee....$50ish

the fact that he requests to practice in the shade....priceless!
It could be a long season but I wouldn't miss it!


Anonymous said...

seriously cannot believe that is happening right now! Tearing up just a tad thinking about it! Must have a DETAILED post following his first game! So sad! Have so much fun, my friend!

The Cochran Fam said...

How cute! When I signed Bailey up for swimming lessons at the YMCA I told her that they had T-ball and soccer. She said she didn't want to do that, she only wanted to do girl things like cheerleading. Oh my!!