Friday, August 14, 2009

What Is Kaden Doing?

Is he calling to a wild animal?
Is he throwing a almost-3 year old fit????
No, no...don't be silly! he is perfectly happy!
He was calling for the club know...oh, you don't?
Well watch Channel 44 at 7:30 AM and you will know.....
Who knows, You might even learn the hot dog dance!
Looks something like this.....only not nearly as cute!

My two "Toodles"!
Come inside it's fun inside!

Side Note: Kaden wanted to rent Bambi II last week. He is living with is dad and learning to be Prince of the Forest.
Yes, Bambi is a boy..........Sorry if I just rocked your world.....
His dad is teaching him to survey the forest. He tells him to feel the forest so he knows how to tell what is going on around him...
Kaden was also yelling this from his tree house slide...
"Feel the forest, feel the forest." he would repeat it over and over!

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