Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Hannah Grace!

Our 2nd Hannah Birthday of the weekend was for Hannah Grace Alban!
Here is the birthday girl anxiously tearing into her gifts!
Princess Hannah!
After some yummy snacks and pizza we headed over to a splash pad by their house
Kaden jumped right in...Hannah walked the edge for a little while so she could warm up to it
Water Boy!
Kaden gets tackled by a little boy running with the same ferver as him!

The girls, Caroline, Meg, Courtney and Me!
You can't tell but this is quite high in the air and yes he climbed right out on it!
walking home, thanks for the lift Daddy!

Sorry there are no more pictures...when we got back and got ready for cake I suddenly got something in my eye. I spent the rest of the party trying to get some relief.
Half a bottle of eye drops later, we got home and my pupil was completely dilated...
and there was till something in there.
Luckily the next morning it was better!
So sorry I have no cake picture but
Happy Birthday Hannah Grace!

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