Monday, September 8, 2008


I know it has been forever!
Here's why

1. I quit my job, I am no longer Brown & Gay. I am teaching a K/1st pslit class at Kaden's school. It is a private Chrisitan school and I have 12 students. So far I am loving it. I know never say never.

2. Jon's car died...completely...we were a one car family for a week. Thank goodness I wasn't working downtown! My new job is less than 5 minutes away. Also greatness!

3. One week later...the day before we got our replacement car battery died. This was two weeks in a row that Jon and Meghan sat in the FLo Mo parking lot waiting for a tow.

4. My cousin got married so Kaden got to attend his first wedding. Pics later.

5. Meghan had her birthday! Yeah Happy birthday older sister!

6. I am having my birthday today!

Pictures later I promise!

Kaden says:
Jon was spiking Kdaen's hair yesterday.
When he finished, Kaden looked in the mirror and said " I cool dude!"

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Diana Richards said...

Thanks again for watching the boys! We look forward to playing with Kaden, soon!