Friday, August 8, 2008

8-8-08 is GREAT!

Wow what a fun date we have today!
Not only is it EXACTLY ONE MONTH until my birthday…hint, hint……
but it also evokes memories of other “fun” dates and numbers.
This post might seem borderline neurotic and I admit that it is….I also must point out that I didn’t not figure out most of these number “puzzles”. That would be my number loving sister and some of them my mom.

I dedicate this post to my OCD counting Sister!

Here are a few interesting number combinations in our family!

Kaden’s Number (10)
-Birthday: 10-10-06 at 10:02…(I was aiming for 10 but I don’t think the doctor believed I was ready yet. Oh well stick with me here!)
-I delivered in birthing room 10
-I was then transferred to room 226. 2+2+6=10!
-If you add my birthdate (8) +Meghan’s (2), you also get 10!

Jon’s Numbers
-Claims to love 8 and 4 since childhood.
-His athletic number was always 8 or 4
-Guess who’s birthday is the 8th? You guessed it, or maybe you read it above… Mine!
-Guess who’s is the 4th? Jon’s! We were definitely destined!
-He also loves 44…Which adds up to well 8, of course!
-Kaden was born in 2006…add them all together you get 2+0+0+6=8
**Now you are catching on!***
-If you add My birthdate (8)+ Jon’s birthdate (4), you get 12…..Guess what the date of our first date was???? Anyone??? You are right! The 12th of March!

-Jon and I’s Anniversary is 11-29-03……11-29=18-3=6….Kaden was born in 2006

Rynders Fam/Angie’s Numbers
Stick with me here….

My family’s birthdates have interesting links as well
-Angie (8)+Meg (2)+ Mark (7)= 17…My mom’s birthdate..add Meg’s again (2)=19….My dad’s birthdate!

-My sister’s favorite number is also 44…same as Jon…strange right. I never knew people who truly loved a number before these two!
-44 also happens to be the year my dad was born!

-My birthday is 9-8-80. I love how I always knew my age, not that I didn’t anyway but it is helpful in labeling pictures, just by looking at the last digit.
-In 1990 you had to start looking at the first and last but still works! 1990=10 years old, 2008=28. Ok, I know this works for the thousands poor in a year ending in 0 but still fun!
-I remember when my birthday was on 9-8-89, it was apalindrome. Strangly enough I remember watching Jay Leno that night and him pointing that out…hey I was only 9!

-Our address in Abilene is 3257. (3+2)=5 (5+2)=7 also 7-5=2 (2+3)=5. Ok, same train different track!

Rhodes’ Family Number!
*Hopefully I am portraying these accurately*
-Richard’s birthday September 21, Dara April 22, Allison March 23…..Jon was due the 24 of October but, as usual, was late! Guess he was waiting for the 4th…so he could be half of 8 or half of 44!

-The Rhodes’ address in 5017. Ok this one is really obscure!
When we started dating my mom was 50…her birth date is the 17 so there you go!

-One of Jon’s Uncles was married on 9-9-99 at 9:09!

Ok I am sure you have had enough by now! Sad that we have had time to come up with these, we will just say it is a good way to keep our minds sharp!

If you had to read these more than once to get the connection, don’t worry, we can’t all be neurotic!

I hope you enjoyed this disturbing celebration of 8-8-08!

What obscurities can you find in you family’s number?

Now for a break from the adding.

Here is Kaden on 10-10-07

And again on 8-8-08


megrynders said...

OMG!! This post was created for your OCD number loving sissy!! Oh how I love numbers, especially 44!!! I love adding, subtracting, multiplying, long as I can get it to equal 44, I'm happy!! i just love numbers! I know..I'm president of the nerd club!

Josh and Laura said...

Oh my are crazy! Or should I say Meg is! :) I remember telling Meghan what I was naming Canon and she said Canon David Adams...they all have 5 letters each! :) So she approves of his name!

randa said...

ok...someone has WAY too much time on their hands. It reminds me of the line in tommy boy "I guess I will just return to the nerdery"...the only thing I have is that my favorite ranger (who is in triple-a right now..but that is a whole nother issue) his number is 43 and 4+3=7 which is my favorite number. that's all I got how'd you like that?

The Cochran Fam said...

You're out of control! But to play along...Bailey's bday is 8-12-05 and Campbell's is 5-12-08. This will probably confuse me for the rest of my life.

Both of their birthdays (both on the 12th) add up to 3 (1+2=3).

My birthday is on the 21st which also adds up to 3.

And Judd's is the 30th. 3 again!

That's all I've got.