Friday, August 1, 2008

Splash Park!

I discovered there is a splash park in Haltom City just a few miles from us! We decided to take Kaden last night for a change in pace of water activities and he had a great time!

I love this picture. He is tasting the water, but let's pretend he is blowing me a big kiss ;)

Having fun!

Getting used to the water. It only took a few minutes and he went in head first!

Being Silly!

Kaden and Jon be nimble,

Kaden and Jon be quick!

This sprayer became his favorite, though he did ease himself in at first because it was spraying pretty hard. Periodically they would shutoff and he would say, "where water go?" until they came back on.

Where is Mommy? There she is!
I know his eyes are closed but I thought this was funny! What a ham!

Jelly fish attack! These sprayers were really cool how they released a bubble of water, he loved it!
As has become the trend

Water Play="Co-Cones"!

Here we are waiting patiently for Daddy to bring our "co-cone"

Seriously what is taking so long!

**** Warning the following conversation contains "vulgar" material***
This took place while eating our snowcones on the way home!

A: Is that good snowcone?

K: Cocone! More cocone!

(I give him a bite)

K: "f*ck" "f*ck" "f*ck"

A: (In shock, can't respond for a second) slight chuckle...chocking on snowcone WHAT DID YOU SAY!

K: "f*ck" (points to spoon)
A: Oh, Fork! No baby this is a spoon!

**Note to self, work on "R" sound!***

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