Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not So Secret Helper

Yesterday Jon took Kaden on a secret Mission to get me a Mother's Day Surprise. When I found out I thought I would look for hints. 
I kept asking him if he got Mommy a surprise and he said "No, no surprise!"
Well after little to no nap, he was rather grumpy after swimming and was just coming off of a fit.
Out of the blue he says :" Mommy, Daddy got you earrings!"
he he........well I guess he officially is paying closer attention than we thought!
Daddy was certain he had no idea ;)
Happy Mother's Day to me!

Ps I am told when I am younger I did something similar. We all went out shopping and as soon as I got home I ran to mom and said. "I am not suppose to tell you, but we got you twister beads!"
I have never lived this down! Glad to see he is following my footsteps!

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Diana said...

Good boy, Kaden!!! Way to go...I hope you talked Daddy into the BIG BIG earrings with lots of carrots! :) haha. Miss you all. Kaden is looking like a basketball player...looooooooong legs! Can't wait for these two to get together soon! We'll be in DFW in August, staying with Jen. (just me and the boys) and of course for the reunion! Love to all!