Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day Take 2!

Sunday Kaden slept a little later….until 8:30! Woo hoo! We made the 9:45 service and then headed to the store to gather goodies for our barbeque. We picked up some Little Caesar’s Hot N Ready and headed home to eat. Little man scarffed some pizza and then took a 3 and a half hour nap! He was apparently making up for yesterday!
Daddy, Sissy and I made two batches of homemade ice cream…Butterfinger and straw-ba-nut…Delicious! We then, of course, practiced up on our Wii skills….I am still the Smarty Pants champion… pretty good bowler too…well most of the time. Soon Becky, Courtney, Dustin and Hannah joined us. We all got suited up and headed to the pool, Amanda and Nathan met us there!

Kaden was decked out in his arm floaties and inner tube…neither of which he felt he needed. He wanted them “OFF!” he then spent the next hour trying to give his mother a heart attack while he nonchalantly walked straight for the deep end. NO FEAR! No matter how many times he went under or we tried to explain that he could walk that far out he would keep trying. He loves walking around the shallow end and chasing his ball, he is starting to turn into Nemo I think!

After enough close calls and gallons of pool water swallowed we decided to head home for some barbeque! We all changed while Jon fired up the grill…which BTW only has two good hot spots on it…needless to say it took a awhile and we ate our dinner in courses! Poor Jon was at the grill forever it seemed!

Kaden had a great time playing with Hannah and there was, of course, some fierce Wii competition. The “I did it!” phrase occurred while Kaden was helping me bowl!

Kaden hit the sack at around 9:30..we had high hopes of sleeping late…which he did…until 8:30… not too bad.
We took an early morning…”CODE!” swim at Allison’s apartment. Kaden was literally blue but still didn’t want to get out.
We had leftover cook out for lunch and then Sissy went shopping while Kaden and Mommy napped and Daddy watched a movie. Kaden again slept for 3 hours!

We had our small group cook-out at 5:30. There was lots of good food and best of all a slip n slide. Kaden wasn’t so sure about it at first but he quickly warmed up, once Daddy started throwing him down it. Pics to come!

After consoling Daddy, that Tuesday wouldn’t be his first day of summer, we all hit the hay. It was an exhausting but fun weekend!

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randa said... we for sure need to get together and play the Wii...I am the ultimate Smarty Pants champion among all of my friends...the chanps must duel..Also, I have updated the blog, pictures will follow ( I hope)