Friday, May 16, 2008

Reading at 19 do we do it

Ok, so maybe not reading but attempting. Truth is I had a fun post ready for today but it simply must have the pics to go with it and our computer was malfunctioning and not picking up my camera so I was unable to download then. Therefore, I will share a cute story from last night.

We were at the end of Kaden's bed routine. Bath, diaper, clothes, 1/2 a Flintstone vitamin, teeth brushed (BTW hates it!) and finally book time.

Kaden's latest favorite is a Winnie the Pooh book called "A Tale of Two Tiggers." profound right. Well he finds this bad boy no matter where we hide, I mean put it. I had already read it twice. Once with voices and everything, which turned out to give Tigger an Italian accent and Pooh was never the same twice. Daddy is much better at voices. Anyway, we were reading about Adam and Eve leaving the garden after not obeying God. When again shouts of "Pooh, Pooh" are being expressed.

Apparently I didn't switch fast enough because before I knew it Kaden started reading to himself. it went a little something like this.
First he started from the back and turned the pages towards the front.

"blah, blah POOH! shhs shh shs POOH!wah wah POOH!"

He went through the entire book like this. He even scanned the pages correctly.
Pretty impressive really, even though the main character was Tigger, to be fair Pooh was pictured on every page!

It is amazing how it won't be long before he is reading to us!

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