Thursday, May 29, 2008

In Memory of Memorial Day Weekend

Ok, I know it is a little late and I was waiting for pictures (Poor computer is still sick) but I decided to go ahead and share our weekend story with you.

Friday night was a low key evening at home. We cooked some spaghetti, which Kaden will now eat by the way, and watched... what else NEMO! For about the 900th time. The funny thing is no matter how many times I have seen it; I am still interested in it….. Dory is still hilarious and Jon and I have even been known to quote it at random. Problem is, if the others around us haven’t also seen it 900 times…they don’t have a clue what we are talking about.
Whenever Kaden got tired of sitting he would engage in wrestling with us. Don’t worry he can hold his own, he would run at me full force and knock me over, followed quickly by trying to lift my head to get me “Up, up!”
He would then climb up in the brown chair and flip over my head.

This kid is fearless…. More on that later

Saturday morning we were awakened so very pleasantly by our little man at 7:00 AM! We got him up, slapped some cartoons, gave him his “non-spill” bowl of Fruity Cheerios and dosed while he watched Mickey Mouse Club house. This lasted about an hour but after being jumped on numerous times we decided it was time to get up. We got dressed and headed to Chick-Fil-A. You know you have a toddler when you arrive not only in time for breakfast but at 9:00 Am on Saturday dressed and ready for the day! I had a delicious Chicken Biscuit and Kaden chowed down his Chicken Mini’s…with a fork of course, in between snagging pieces of our fruit! Daddy had the Baby Mama Bagel, as we like to call it because it contains both egg and chicken…creepy right..but tasty!

Our next stop was the mall. If you know me, you know that I pretty much loathe shopping, but I needed a new swim suit..oh joy….. And the time had come. We arrived at the mall before it opened, again a sign that you have a toddler waking you up early…so we ran to Old Navy where I got Mr. Man some new PJ’s. (Pics to follow) He had still been wearing his jammies from last summer but Daddy said they were looking like booty shorts! After an unsuccessful shopping trip at Dillard’s, seriously who invented bathing suits! I finally found one at Avenue for half none the less! We met up with Sissy there and Kaden and Daddy went to Barnes and Noble. Daddy loves going there and reading books. Kaden got the Grover classic “There is a Monster at the End of this Book!” I loved that one when I was a kid!

After this we parted ways, Sissy and I went to Sam’s to stock up on diapers, while Daddy took Kaden for a frozen cappuccino…that right you heard me…some times Daddy’s make mistakes! It wasn’t actually intended for him but after he saw the fun machine at QuikTrip making it and spinning it, he had to have a sip.. Surprisingly he loved it. The rest of the way home he kept saying “Mine, Mine! Until at last Daddy handed it to him at the stop light about 5 minutes from home. I don’t know if he thought Kaden was going to take a sip and then say “Here father I am done” but he, of course, held on for dear life and sucked that puppy dry! Needless to say…nap was a four letter word. He was in bed jumping around like a monkey when Meg and I got there. We thought maybe feeding him would help…. No way, after a sandwich, he was more fueled. He literally sat at the end of the table saying our names over and over like he was crazy or something! After another 30 minutes of jumping in the bed we finally decided that a nap was not to be.

We loaded up and went to play at Aunt Allison’s apartment, hoping the heat and the running around would wear him out…no such luck... The heat moved us into the pool where we quickly realized the diaper wasn’t going to last long. I ran home to grab the swim diapers and suit. Oh, and to pick up our cute guest for the evening, Mr. Zachary Richards. More on this later, pictures say it all!

After swimming about 2 hours…we went home for Brinner! Delicious! The boys played and had a great time..Again pics later!

Around 7:30 we decided to head out to get some snow cones…I know we are slow learners, turns out a snow cone an hour before bed is still not as bad as a frozen cappuccino! The boys went down easily and Aunt Allison, Daddy and I played some Wii.

This is getting rather long, so I am going to put Sunday and Monday in a separate blog!

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