Thursday, May 29, 2008

More fun phrases!

ok, I know I am little blog crazy today but I have much to share!

When I picked Kaden up from Mrs. Stephanie's on Tuesday he had two new sounds.
"HEe HAW!" Imagine the "haw" part being in a really low toddler voice..hilarious!
Also, for their dog Maggy he says "AOOOWWW!" for her howling!

This morning I heard this upon going to wake him up
"Unt Daddy!" he is definetly in his Daddy Phase...he asks for him first thing every morning..*sigh* The only way I could get him out of bed was to promise muffin tops and yogurt.

After getting dressed he walked to the middle of the living room and looked at me.
He then said " Unt Nemo, KAY!!" Imagine a little attitude with the "Ok" It was hilarious! We both laughed! Luckily he was talking about the book this time...which of course, Daddy read!

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