Thursday, May 8, 2008

19 months- A lifetime in review (so far)

Disclaimer-I know it is a little early but I have been dying to share this video!

I know I say this every time but is it possible that my little Munchkin is 19 months old! It seems like I blink my eyes and I am back at 19 weeks gestation when we found out we were having a little boy. Now suddenly I have a little man! He is doing so many new things every day. This month’s top 19 will be a combo of cute things and new words.

1. “tutle” translation turtle. One day he pointed to it on his spoon and said it clear as day!

2. He puts his little finger up to his lips and says “shh..shhh!”

3. When he is trying to do something that is difficult for him, such as reach for something, or put shoes on etc. He will look at us and say “Hard, Hard!” Again no idea where he got that!

4. “Ere go Mommy” When he hands me something!

5. “Crash” translated trash.. As soon as I take off his diaper he starts saying "crash!” Most time he will throw it away, other times I have to wrestle it away while he reminds me that it is..

6. “Mine, mine!” Not my most favorite word…but he enjoys using it, in reference to everything!

7. He is doing awesome with silverware! (The bigger and more dangerous the better.) Still hasn’t mastered stabbing with the fork so he will sometimes pass it off to one of us to fill and he will stuff it in his mouth.

8. BTW…due to limited afternoon snacks. thanks Steph…he now eats! Still loves drinkable yogurt, milk, juice, fruit, cheese etc. New loves include macaroni and cheese (thank you God for EasyMac), banana pancakes and grape tomatoes! Who even knows where that came from!If he seems them on the counter he goes crazy saying please until he gets one.

9. “Ank you mama”…seriously does it get any cuter!

10. Loves to dance. If he hears a tune, TV, singing whatever he starts busting a move. He must get those skills from his Daddy.

11. I don’t remember if I mentioned this last time or not but he loves to pray. Before each meal he will reach for our hands, shrug his little shoulders and look at us. This is our cue to start praying. At the end he shouts, AMEN! Again, So cute! Sometimes we do this multiple times throughout a meal!

12. He calls his little lawn mower a “car”. If ever he sees it, it is all over until he is able to go play with it! He loves to follow Jon around while he is mowing!

13. “Puppy” all dogs were first called dog, then Molly and now he refers to them all as “Puppy!”

14. Loves to jump. On the bed, on the chair, or in an air castle, doesn’t matter, he loves it!

15. “Wader!” He loves to drink out of a big boy cup. He will go into the pantry, get a plastic cup and try very hard to fill it himself. He can’t’ quite reach yet but now I know why the water dispenser has a lock. We will usually give him a little, or as I tell Jon, give him as much as you want to clean up later!

16. Goes to bed easily though will still sit and chatter to himself for up to 30 minutes! Chatty Cathy!

17. Has a new fascination with Nemo. Luckily it is giving us a break from the Elmo obsession but still I don’t think I can handle watching it again! Though, it does give us a good 15-20 minutes longer to sleep in on the weekends if we put him in our bed with the movie on.

18. He moved up into the big boy room at Church. He loves it, no tears when we leave and he has the best time rocker on the giant Nemo’s they have in there!

And finally #19“Towel” don’t know why he likes this word but he loves it!

Here is a video for your enjoyment demonstrating this new word!!

Happy 19 Months Bubba! We can’t wait to see what you do next!

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Diana Richards said...

absolutely precious. it is true...where does the time go? it is even crazier to think of them in just a few months from now...they are growing and doing new things so quickly!! :) thanks for sharing the video!