Monday, May 19, 2008

Fun in the "L"

Last week we decided to replace Kaden’s super cool play mat that was stolen with a pool. He loves the water and though it seemed rain was imminent we had just enough time before bed time to play. Daddy blew up the 3 layer pool with the exercise ball pump, Suggested by Mommy, so as to avoid passing out from hyperventilating, and started filling it up. I got Kaden changed into his swim diaper and offered a snack to help pass the time.

As you can see he enjoyed it. Until he got to the end of it and it started to melt everywhere.

Finally it was ready and he had a great time splashing and swimming. Never mind that it was cloudy and the water was freezing. This didn’t detour him one bit. I had my feet in and was starting to feel chilled but he didn’t mind at all.

Things were going great until I saw what you don’t’ want to see. As Kaden climbed into the pool and sat down I saw some “particle” wash out of the top of the trusty swim diaper. Did I mention our feet were in there!!!

I quickly grabbed him and removed him from the pool, stripping off the diaper. Now the swim diapers are great because they don’t absorb water…the swim diapers are terrible because they don’t absorb anything! I was trying to figure out how to get a diaper filled with water poo to the trash without dripping it on the driveway and Daddy was capturing the moment.

I went in for a towel while Daddy sprayed Kaden down with the hose. Hey he was already wet man! I came out to find him shivering but dying to the return to the pool. No way! While trying to avoid eye contact with the “floaters” I wrapped him up and went inside for a bath. Leaving Daddy to clean up. Shockingly, he chose this chore. I think I got the better end of the deal. After all, he was already hosed off!

After this excitement we have decided to refer to the “pool” as an “L”. Hopefully Kaden will realize that there is no “poo” in it!


Diana Richards said...

Oh boy! We just got Zach a pool, and this is on the agenda for this week. You are definitely making me think about making it a family affair! :) How fun!

elizabeth said...

That is hilarious! I work at Neimans (used to be in the corporate office when I was in Dallas). Now I'm learning the joys of the more M-F, 9-5. :(