Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Family Fun Day!

We took advantage of last Saturdays nice weather to have a fun family outing. No, we weren't outside...we thought about the zoo then figured everyone else would too, so we headed over to the Fort Worth Museum of Science. It is currently under construction so a small portion of it is in the Cowgirl Museum. They had a fun children's area which Kaden, of course, adored!
Super cool turtle!
I loved sitting on this thing when I was little

Bread anyone?

The good ears of corn are always at the back

Driving the Tractor
Bob the Builder? or is it Handy Manny?

This was a cool simulator..I will try to upload the video

Disappointed that this one didn't move....

Cooking us some chow

Deciding what to make for dinner..decisions... decisions

Kaden escaping the Tee-pee or is it Tipee...can't ever remember?

Watching the paper spinners fly. This proved to be a fun activity that occupied us for a while.

Let me try!

After a quick trip to the Mellow Mushroom for some yummy pizza we headed home. Kaden was asleep before we hit I-30. I truly treasure these times we have when he is not too cool to hang out with us. Well he probably is...but we are still bigger than him.

His new phrase this day was "I not going!" It was applicable on coming and going from everywhere.... silly boy doesn't know what he wants these days! I am begining to worry for his future wife.

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