Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Come on Ride the Train!

We visited the Choo-Choo Station in Grapevine Mills on Sunday.
Go visit soon it looks like it might be going out of business unfortunately

They have a kidsize Thomas and a bigger train to ride also.

Kaden loved riding and playing. They also had an indoor slide and playground area.

The most fun was had building block walls then crashing through them.
Step 1: Build wall with Daddy

Step 2: Climb the slide

Step 3: Crash!

We finished our evening at Rainforest cafe. He was slightly less scared. He actually ate this itme which is an improvement. I would have been better off if I wouldn't have pointed out the Jaguar right above his head..oh, well!

Looking apprehensive

Making sure the jaguar doesn' t get him

Frog legs!

Playing with the rain

Turtle kisses!


Jill said...

We had that same day at Grapevine Mills a couple of weeks ago! Maddie loved the little Thomas in the play area, but seemed kinda bored on the big one. Kaden looks like he is having a blast, though! I'm sad to know they might be closing, though.

The Rhodes' said...

What's your blog Jill?