Friday, January 30, 2009

Tag for 25 Things about Me!

1. I have only dated, loved, kissed one man ever!
2. I can French braid my own hair..when it’s long enough.
3. I LOVE Food Network! I love finding out where things come from!
4. I have watched er all 10 years, I am sad it is ending!
5. I can quote Full House…sad but true
6. I love to cook but rarely follow recipes
7. I have had 6 jobs since graduating 6 years ago. Sound worse than it is…
8. I am a Texas Notary Public…want to see my stamp?
9. I have never been drunk, used drugs or smoked
10. I am currently reading two books…at the same time
11. I love movies…but rarely watch the same one twice!
12. Jon and I picked Kaden’s name our sophomore year in college, 5 years before he was born
13. BTW even after dating 5 years I “earned” my white dress thank you very much!
14. Jon and I don’t celebrate Valentines Day...We celebrate the anniversary of our first date instead...March 12th. 10 years this year!
15. I love wearing jeans! I would wear them everyday if I could!
16. I love taking pictures, though you probably knew that.
17. I hate cleaning showers and toilets!
18. I am allergic to dust
19. I love Harry Potter! No I don’t believe in witches, devil worship etc. just like the stories
20. I play the alto sax. Meg and I are about to start playing again in a city band.
21. I used to LOVE cats…now I do not like them…mostly due to allergies
22. Though I don’t use them much any more..I love puns!
23. My sisser is my bestest buddy…you already knew that but threw it in anyway!
24. I graduated number 21 out of over 500 in high school and graduated college with a 3.75
25. I love reading these things about other people!

I tag Laura, Diana, Kristin, Stephanie and Randa!

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