Thursday, February 12, 2009

28 months!

I know I am a little late this time but here goes! 28 new things from my big guy! This monthly report includes photos from this year's cupid photo shoot!
1. He went potty twice on Thursday! so exciting, I am not throwing away the diapers yet but it makes me hopeful!

2. Favorite Phrase (FP)- I got a idea!
3. He started swimming classes this week! He loves it! He was keeping his nose above the water and everything!! got it on video..will work on uploading it
4. FP- Use kleenex not finger!

5. FP- No put in your mouth! (when I was holding my glasses)
6. FP- I help you! I good helper!
7. He loves to help cook, including cracking the eggs..he gets a little help after pulverizing one on the side of a bowl!

8. He made his Pb&J last night by himself..mostly
9. He uses a big boy cup

10.He loves to draw, paint and color!
11.He can quote the "Baby Kaden bear" parts in Goldilocks! Working on getting a video of it.
12. Likes to quote the 3 Pigs story as well!
13. Sings Wheels on the Bus, God our Father and others!
14. FP- I get my Gummies!
15. FP- I watch Buz and Woody with girl (Toy Story 2)
16. Speaking of which he loves movies! He saw his first non-animated in the theater...Hotel for got a little lengthy but not too bad
17. He has really started loving being outside..not that new but he will ask to go in the back yard now.
18.Loves his tennis shoes any time we try to put him in something else he gets mad!
19. Got his first black eye...having no coordination is a dominant gene!
20. Has a new girlfriend...Madison..don't worry he still loves Hannah...well they have know each other a while but they are obsess with each other. Though strangely they don't play together when they are together..go figure?
21. Is more willing to talk on the phone sometimes...
22. FP- "I __ 3 minute"
23. FP- "Just a second"
24. FP- "I no need my pants on"
25. FP-"I no like that"
26. He does have his two year old moments....but we are learning to deal with them and nip them in the bud.

27. He does great in his new class! He will even go to class without crying.
28. Can't believe he is getting closer and closer to 3! Where did my baby go? We love you more than anything Bubba!

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