Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pirates Practicing!

Here was Kaden's first real practice for the Pirates!
Kaden waiting for his turn.
Daddy line-up
Nice form!
Kaden yelling "Blast!"
This is what they say and do to stop the play during the game.
They catch it, hold it up and say BLAST!
Sweet Baby Landon!
sisters observing play!
Maddie got her own pink bat! We also found out she was a lefty...who knew?
Coming home! Vanessa and Maddie score
Daddy getting the form right
RUN! His favorite part!
Ready position!
Sliding into 3rd!
This is his ready position..he is ready to be a short stop!
Checking on Daddy!
Potty break...oops! No potty got to go beside the building!
Sweet kids!
Hands in!
Pirate son 3! ARRRR!

He had a great time!
He did try to hit and field his own ball but he got better at sharing as time went on. I guess he just wanted to make sure that everything was covered!
First Game is Saturday the 26!

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To God be the glory... said...

FUN! Fun. These days flee so quickly.